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    I need to design 1Volt DC with 10 Amp current dc dc converter

    Dear Members, I need to design dc dc converter that have input range 30 to 44 volt DC and outputs are 5V @ 3 A, 3.3 V @ 2 Amp and specially low voltage 1 V DC with about 10 AMp capability. Please guide me for my design. How I can apply Synchronuous rectifier for such low voltage design. If...
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    Thermal Design of FR4 Grade PCB mounted in Aluminum chasis..

    Dear Members, As mechanical engineer support I have to design the Thermal design of custom built enclosure of electronic power supply box. FR4 Grade PCB on which the power supply circuit has been design and there is a heat spread on PCB is about 18 watts evenly. This PCB is mounted in the...
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    design for High voltage suppply from 24V DC to 1500 V DC.

    Members, I am in need to design High VOltage Power supply, input is 230V Ac, then converted to +24V DC by rectifier. and then I need to make DC DC Converter from 24V DC to 1500 V DC. total power will be about 25 to 30 Watts. Is there useful circuit is available for this type of requirement...
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    Which one to Choose out of UC3525 or UC3825 for dc dc

    Dear Members, I am using 3525 PWM IC for DC DC Converter in forward topology for low to medium power buck, I am thinking to switch over to UC3825, current mode converter PWM IC. Does it worth to switch over to UC3825? Is there any specific advantages? I have tried but face lot of problems in...
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    UC3875, phase shifted full bridge converter

    Dear Members, I need to know about PWM controller IC with phase shifted full bridge conveter Controller. UC3875. My application where input variable 24to 45 and output 28V with high current. Does this controller have problem when input have more input that the output? will not work proper...
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    Slope compensation in UC3825 PWM controller based DC DC

    Hi members, I need help on 3825 current mode PWM IC used in forward topology with multi secondaries and DC input variable range. what are the practical ways for best slope compensation so pwm are stable. Need tips as in my design after various compensation trial, it does not materialized for...
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    Type 3 compensation in DC DC

    type3 compensator members, Need details or reference for TYpe 3 compensation in UC3525 based dc dc converter. I need practical design steps that will be helpful in designing.\ Any member who have access for such design steps details or any software that help for such calculation? Please give...
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    practical guide/steps to design EMI/EMC filter for DC DC

    emc filter design Members, I am looking for EMI/EMC practical design step or guidelines that can be used to design differential and common mode input emi filter chock for different DC DC COnverter. Or any cook book approch that help to understand and design and it shall be workable. I will...
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    Need help in designing 50V dc dc converter

    50v dc-dc Dear Members, I need to design dc dc converter with 50 volt, 6 amp ouput and input from variable 30-42 volt dc input. I would like to design with resonant converter using UC3946 chip and full bridge topology. I request members to help me in finding suitable application hints to...
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    HV multiplier circuit for 12kv and 6kv ( 2mA) from 24 V AC.

    Dear Members, 25-07-08. I am looking for design application for HV supply for 12KV and 6 KV both 2mA capablity derive from input 24 V AC, 50Hz. Any member have such details, application note, circuit reference ,then guide me ,how to realize such circuit. Warm Regards, Bharatkumar.
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    Need help for USB port facility with AT98c51,

    at98c51 Dear members, I want to generate facility of USB port at microcontroller AT89c51 using its UARts pins. Please guide me how to do. give some applications hints, any web address for any help, its hardware and software implementations. Warm Regards, Bharatkumar
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    Looking for documents about planar transformer

    Dear members, I am searching for Planner transformer design technical notes etc. Can anybody have web addresses where I can search for more design details Thanks in advance, Bharatkumar
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    magntic sensing circuit

    Hi forum members, I am interested in self design magnetic sensor that can sense from about 3 Inch ( 75 mm ) distance. Can anybody help me for such design. Does anyone have such information that can be shared and I can try to make my own self made such magnetic sensor. I am very much thankful...
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    DC/DC COnverter design on 1MHz osc. freq.

    Hello members, i am looking for DC/DC COnverter design based on 1 MHz freq. with up to 10 Watts of power and output are low voltage between 3.5 to 15 Volts ( Max three outputs) I need help from group expert memebers who have effort in this direction. I need clarification on 1) PWM controller...

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