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    general electronics question

    hello !! try to build simple circuits , some simple experiments and so on and when you feel that you got used to that try something bigger . try to find a book that contains projects for beginners . most important is that you have necessary tools and kits good luck !!
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    Graphic LCD 128x64 help needed

    Hey Maria i recommend you to use CCS c compiler , it has very good drivers for this KS0107/0108 controller . its easy to use and you can draw graphs , show pics (bitmap ones ..etc i worked on a project last year and i used that GLCD . you can use that drivers with Pic16f as well . those are...
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    ADC value reading in ccs c and pic16f877a

    hi , i just wonder why you use a delay function for 350 us after choosing AN0? 16 to 20 us will be fine . try this ! what about your interrupt execution time ?
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    Installing Proteus 7.8 sp2 Patch in Windows 7

    Hello !! if your proteus came with a patch or a ***** that contains two folders :"Models and Bin" just copy and paste them in same installation directory . than run licence manager . and find the key and install it !! done!
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    my project works in Protous and don't work on Board

    seems you have wiring issues, you have to check all connections (like what nagkiller told u) try his schematic .
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    Requires the list of pic microcontroller based mini projects

    Hi,rakesh_sharma this is 500MB Winrar file that contains pic MCU projects https://www.mediafire.com/?ajd08kuhih1xon7 enjoy !!
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    driving lcd with 16f876a 28pin pic

    just uncomment this #define use_portb_lcd TRUE to use PORT B rather than PORT D that you dont have in your chip and it will work
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    ADC setpu in CCS c Code. How to do it?

    hi sorry for delay , i went and i back try this setup_adc_ports(AN0_AN1_AN4_AN5_AN6_AN7_VREF_VREF); - - - Updated - - - good luck !
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    ADC setpu in CCS c Code. How to do it?

    hello!! which version of ccs c compiler do u use ? -if you dont know how to code it, you should be able to chose analogical channels from the Wizard . this is a simple example : setup_adc_ports(AN0_AN1_AN2_AN3_AN4); which means there are five adc channels ...
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    Motorola MPX5100 sensor & ACS712 (current) libraries on Cadsoft Eagle

    hello guys !! i would like to get libraries for both sensors :-Motorola MPX5100 -Allegro ACS712 current sensor of course on Cadsoft Eagle software . thanks !
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    pcb exposure box unit

    thank you guys !!
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    pcb exposure box unit

    thanks for reply more details plz , have u experienced it before ? what bugs or problem will be facing if i use it ? thanks !!
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    pcb exposure box unit

    hello guys !! i would like to make a simple non-cost pcb exposure box , will this kind of lamp be enough ?? instead of using(Ballast , starters ,...etc) looks complicated i think this is 15W lamp . thanks !
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    VB.net with php website

    hi, well, maybe i didn't talk about electrical part cause it's clear for me and i finished it already what i meant by html5, js just to make it looks better. maybe if i used asp.net it would be easier (but i'm not familiar with it ) my problem was to find a way that makes a vb.net...
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    [SOLVED] Pic 16f876a Pure Sinewave inverter

    Re: pic inverter the file has been removed , could you again reupload it plz !!;-)
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    VB.net with php website

    Hello guys !! i would like to know a way that makes me able to draw a graph of 5 variables in real time on a webpage (using php ,js,html5 ) variables values will be sent via a vb.net code software . -in past , i could sent those values via vb.net using FTP (sent as a txt file ) so...

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