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    Clearance from Copper shapes

    Hi all !!! Why is more space recommended between Copper shape to Copper Shape and Copper shape to any other feature (copper feature) on the pcb. For eg : normal isolation between copper shape to through hole is more than through hole to through hole. Thank u
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    Differential Pair -Allegro Constraint managment

    Hi , I have a GB Ethernet connector to which I have to connect 4 pairs of differential pairs .Now I want to match the length of all the pairs (and individual nets) to same length .how do I set the constraint and Also how do I apply the trace tuning. I am new to allegro tool ... Thanks for the...
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    Allegro tool - Constraint managment Tool learning

    Hi everyone, I am new to allegro tool and currently started with 16.3 version. I am finding the tool little difficult as regards to mentor tools ,may be bcos i try to think in terms of mentor tool flow. I need a big help in understanding defining the constraints in constraint manager .Little...
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    Trace tapering - mentor pads 2005 sp1

    Hi everyone.. Any idea on how to do trace tapering in mentor pads 2005 sp1? Thanks in advance
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    MMC and LMC - explanation needed

    MMC and LMC Can somebody explain the terms Maximum Material Condition and Least material Condition? I have read the definiton of these terms but am still confused!!! How does MMC of a hole be when it has the smallest diameter and LMC of hole be when the diameter is largest ?
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    Tandem routing rules- what is the gap rule ?

    Tandem Routing Hi ... I was checking out (learning rather)the tandem routing rule.There are 2 rules to be set,The gap and Length .I would like to know what the gap rule is .Is it distance 'x' as shown in fig 1 or as shown in fig 2. If its like in Fig 1 Then wouldnt it be the width of the...
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    Can someone explain what a load board is?

    Load boards Hi .. Can someone explain what a load board is? What are the design criterion's Also I have seen most of them are round in shape .wonder why? Thanks in advance.....
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    Orcad/PCBII 1989 Userss guide

    orcad v3.2 viewer Hi everyone... Does anyone have Orcad PCBII 1989 Users guide.Please upload . Thanks in advance
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    What is Form factor of a PCB

    Hi .. What do you mean by form factor of a PCB? Thank you
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    Controlled Impedance Routing

    controlled impedance routing Hi all , I have a doubt. With respect to below given stack up ,Can we implement Controlled impedance routing in the TOP LAYER?If No why? If yes is the normal formula Z = 87/Sqr(εr+1.41) +ln(5.98h/0.8w+t) t= thickness of cuppoer foil w = width of trace H - Height...
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    Palletization and Datum features

    Hi ... What do you mean by palletization? And what do u mean by Datum features? Thanks
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    How do we decide the thickness of trace to be used for a signal?

    Hi everyone... How do we decide the thickness of trace to be used for a signal.Say for example we are considering the current flowing through the trace.Any formula ? Also Does larger width of trace improve signal quality for higher speed signals? Thanks
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    Suggest me some gerber verification checklists

    Can anyone suggest /list gerber verification check lists.. Thank You..
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    How valuable is CID certification?

    Hi everyone... I am a beginner in PCB designing .I belive its time that i give my career a boost...I was wondering if it would help me if I take CID certification, both knowledge wise and career wise ..Is the certification worth the money..between I am from India. Thanks in advance...
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    Explanation of the moating technique in PCB design

    Hi everyone.. I am new into PCb designing ..I came across a board while trying to study different methods of designing. I have attached an image of gnd plane for a project (digital board) with multiple voltage references.I find single gnd plane is differentiated into different sections connected...
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    Looking for IPC 2141A and IPC 2252

    Can any one please share IPC 2141A and IPC 2252. thanks in advance

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