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    Idea for a compact mute switch

    Does someone has an exemplary layout or idea for a compact mute switch? One state low insertion loss and the other one for example a 30 dB rejection. Best regards
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    Low-IF or direct upconversion transmitter

    how can I quickly test, if I have a low-IF RF chip transmitter or a direct upconversion. It is a 2.4/5 GHz Wlan with differential IQ input ports in baseband.
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    What exactly is the MDR modulation?

    MDR modulation Someone knows what MDR modulation is?
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    CMOS Receivers for Wireless Communications

    CMOS Receivers for Wireless Communications
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    Single Rx and Tx filters instead of duplexer

    In PCS-CDMA normally a duplexer (SAW, FBAR, ceramic) is used in mobile phones. But for example if you separate Tx and Rx antennas (or feed points) or even you have an additional Rx diversity path, single filters are required which take over the Tx-Rx-isolation functionality. But I heard that if...
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    Prismark Wireless Technology Reports

    Hi, I'm searching Prismark Wireless Technology Reports.
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    Tunable filtering in Intel´s radio free?

    I have surfed through the www. I have read some interesting things about "Radio Free Intel", It´s a kind of software defined radio for wireless devices. Here is an interesting abstract: "... the Labs are also looking into techniques that do most of their filtering in the phase-rather than the...
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    how can I import sat-file-formats in IE3D?

    adix license for ie3d 9.0 how can I import sat-file-formats in IE3D?

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