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  1. J

    Please give me a Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum SPW example

    Please give me a Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum receiver and transmitter SPW example, ( .system , .toolrun), with QPSK or BPSK, I'm a college student, only for studying purpose, thank you very much ! or else could you tell me a link. /Warning #1 - Do not make crosspost. Your second post is...
  2. J

    REDHAT 9.0 work with EDA tools

    I have read all reply of this topic but still dono how to solve the problem of installation of IC5 on Redhat 9. I bought a brand new PC with P4 3.0G HT and i875 chipset, and I want to run IC5 on it, but Redhat7.2(kernel 2.4.7?) seems not support i875 or HT technology. So I have to change my OS...

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