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    Local oscillator for 22 GHz mixer

    Hi, what solution use for LO at 22 GHz for upconverting OFDM signal (2,4 GHz 802.11n)? Is it possible to use Hittite chips (VCO + PLL) or DRO + PLL or something else? Thank's
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    [SOLVED] Cofdm Power Amplifier 1W

    Hi, I'm designing COFDM power amplifier with output power 1W and with MER 35 dB, which PA transistor should I use? Is it usable LDMOS MW6S004NT1 or should I use MW6S010N or anything else? Thank you
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    [SOLVED] Pulsed power amplifier - help with biasing TIM8596-15 needed

    Pulsed power amplifier Hello, can anybody help me? I design pulsed power amplifier and I need help with biasing TIM8596-15. How can I do temperature compensated active gate bias and how can I set right drain current? Pulse width is 300ns-30us, D.C. max 20% and PRF 3-50kHz Thank you

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