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    What is the I2C interface ?

    Who can tell me what I²C interface is? Thanks²
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    Help me add characteristics to Spectre simulation

    simulation help! Hi! I want to run spectre simulation of transformer, how can I add following characteristics into my spectre simulator to run the simulation properly?I found only turns ratio of default xfmr device can be modified. Open-circuit inductance: 1.2mH Inter-winding...
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    Looking for books about monte carlo simulation in Cadence

    monte carlo simu Who can give me a link or book for monte carlo simulation by cadence?
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    transmission line model

    Who can share me transmission line model for spectre simulation? thanks
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    definition of power gain

    wikipedia rf gain definition What is exactly the power gain? If input with power of -20dBm, get output with power of -12dBm, what is the power gain for this case? thanks.
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    How to improve the performance of AB output?

    Hi,guys! While doing my op-amp design, I found the sourcing and sinking ability of my AB output was poor, the current is around 40mA far below requirement. How to improve this performance? Thank you in advance.
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    Which topology is the best for RF design?

    Take a look at this pic, please tell me which one is better for RF design and why? thank you.
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    Difference between recipe&process flow

    Who can tell me specifically what is the difference between recipes and process flow? Thanks!!
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    BJT ckt design-request for resources

    BJT ckt Could anyone share some useful material of BJT ckt design? Thanks a lot.
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    How to download the EE142 lecture from Berkeley?

    ee142 berkeley Hi, I try to download the video lecture of EE142 from https://webcast.berkeley.edu/course_details.php?seriesid=1906978242 but I can not download them by link like"rtsp://" who can kindly tell me what is the valid download...
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    please help me on LVDS problem

    Hello, Please take a look at the picture. I have a bad result while testing my LVDS transmitter chip. Though the Vcm and Vdm of transmitter output is correct, there is great noise signal generated at transmitter output node. It seems as if the noise been amplified a lot, this noise became even...
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    How does Vout disable functionality of a chip when the temperature is too high?

    Hi, The Vout suppose to strip to disable functionality of the entire chip while the temperature rising too high. Who can kindly tell me how it functions? Thanks very much.
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    What shall I do to stablize the Vcon of VCO to make my PLL work well?

    Hi My PLL ckt works well in 125°, but while the temperature decending to -40° the ckt can not lock the freq and phase. What shall I do to stablize the Vcon of VCO to make my PLL work well? thank you
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    Looking for application circuit for MAX1518

    Could anyone provide me any application ckt for MAX1518? Thank you!
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    help me on this problem!!

    Look at the pic here. A is the non-reversed input port, B is reversed input. All the transistors are PMOS and Idc is the bias current for amp6. Theredically, the voltage of A should equal with B.but the simulation results show that if P3 is on, VB quickly reaches approximately VDD.And the...
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    Looking for an ESD circuit for 200MHz application

    Can someone kindly find me an esd circuit for 200MHz application? Thank you for your help!
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    How does this bandgap circuit work?

    bias question Hi! I am not sure but i think it is a reference bias. Can anyone tell me how does it work? and what about its functions? Thank you!
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    Looking for reference about specific ckt of CDR

    CDR.. Please share some useful reference about specific ckt of CDR. Thanks in advance! Regards!

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