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    Does Monte carlo variation depends on input common mode of amplifier?

    Thanks crutschow, Just thinking that reduced common mode will reduce gm, that increases the mismatch contribution from the load devices. Considering the relation: (gm_diff/gm_load)*Vth_mismatch_loads
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    Does Monte carlo variation depends on input common mode of amplifier?

    Hi All, I have a question regarding MC variation (offset of amplifier), Does Monte carlo variation depends on input common mode of amplifier?? Thanks
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    Charge pump ripple reduction

    Hi, planning to design charge pump doubler, any ripple reduction techniques recommended would be helpful. Are there any papers/lit that suggest ripple reduction?
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    Bandgap Refernce Design

    Whats your equation?
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    what is the meaning of delta sigma noise in time domian?

    High freq quantization noise means variation of signal after and before quantizer in time domain is higher and not signal is high freq. After quantizer any way we have decimator and filter to cutt all higher freqs.
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    AC Analysis of single opamp differential amplifier Pspice simulation

    Your sim results are as expected. AC analysis doesnot kill dc sources, it will take dc points before calculating AC analysis data. You are not offsetting the opamp as you mentioned but giving common mode signal on dc 6V . Are u clear?
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    What's wrong with this opa?

    plz upload with right format ur file
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    who can help me about POR

    first thing is comparator and canb designed with low power consumption thats not a problem. Hyaterisis ll be around 50-20mv based on ur application. Ur trigger pt=1.3 so u can use nmos diffpair at input. U didnt mentioned del time in ur spec?
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    Low power cascode structure question

    Yiu can find somuch data in books and papers for analysis. Iout and Iref need not have same value and its a high swing current mirror. analytically Gray and Holberg are better
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    What kind of opamp is that ?

    Re: op amp question Its the senario u r using this ckt for digital or analog application. Certnly its output bufer stage bcoz of high sizes and CS config. Csink and source txs are having high Gm s if u see it .
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    PSRR in the LDO --------- need help

    I think PSRR- is not necessary and if u do it it shows very less, bcoz only R's in that sig path.. in case of source ,sink ldo which is capable of providing i in both dirs then psrr from + and PSRR- id=s very imp concerns.
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    fully differential OP-AMP question??

    db((Vo1-vo2)/(vi1-vi2)) gives u gain phase ((Vo1-vo2)/(vi1-vi2))
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    Papers(tutorials) about step response or settling time of op

    Re: Papers(tutorials) about step response or settling time o first u go through control system analysis, pole zero concepts and then go for Gray book , Its very helpful
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    Suggestions of op amp related circuits and references

    Re: op amp detailed analysis ,go for paul Gray, conceptwise RAZAVI
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    Need help in this circuit

    If u want amp's output to be 1/2VCC then no need of r feedback of amp. Connect it in unitygain config.[/b]
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    How to improve SR? What is the 3dB BW of voltage follower?

    Re: SR and 3dB BW question Increasing curr gives u more Gm but effectively ur gain may reduce at the cost of improved GB and it also improves SR.
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    How to find LAMBDA of a MOSFET

    λ lambda hspice Lambda varies with process ,device parameters and more. simualte simple fet Id ,Vds char and extend the I line to - axis of Vds ,the point it cuts gives u 1/Lamda. Or if u have Gds of ur fet ,then Lamda=Gds/Id Note that its different for diff. values of Id also
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    Interview questions about Hspice & Spectre

    Re: hspice & spectre Hi ,while running, simulator's algorithms are able to track fine values of V&I set in ur simulator ,its a iteration process ..genlly for the first cut simulator uses basic newtons Raphson method ..if convergence is not achieved it go for next advance algorithms. So m...
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    Maximum load-current of LDO???

    Hi , max current is that ldo can supply and beyond this ldo's pass transistor may not able to get quiescent I it need for proper operation. So Rload shudnt fall below certain value,if that is the case ur Vo wont maintain at req value.
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    Help me decrease the resistor in opa design for bandgap

    Re: opa for bandgap Hi , actually u dont need to use 2nd stage and put cascode connection in the first stage in ut FC opamp. Then no need for compensation ,if o/p drives less cap load use load cap at o/p that plays compensation role so that u dont need any resistor now.

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