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    please help me with this circuit

    the shown diagram i have used as current to voltage converter in the case of photodiode. pin 1 corresponds to cathode of photodiode and pin 2 corresponds to anode which is grounded. i am using INA128... please help me about the working how the current is converted to voltage in this case...
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    PIC16f73 ADC problem- ADC does not work for values below 0.5

    PIC16f73 ADC problem my ADC is not working for values below 0.5.. it is showing 0V upto 0.5V and after that suppose for 2.2 volts it is showing 1.7 volts.. whst is the problem.. please help me.. thnx in advance...
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    What is the function of pull up capacitor?

    can there be anything such as capacitor pull up like wise of resistor pull up???? and if yes then what is its function???/// please reply.. thnx...
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    voltage division - can we divide an AC with a DC signal?

    voltage division can we divide an AC signal with a DC signal... if yes then what is the way to do it.. please reply soon..
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    current measurement of whole circuit - need help

    current measurement hi.. i am using a transformer which generates ±15V and +5V using 7815,7915 and 7805. this supply is used to drive my circuit which consists of 6 quad opamp IC's and other passive components... everything is build up on PCB.. now i want to measure current of whole circuit...
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    9-0-9 500mA - my transformer heats up tremendously

    my transformer is heating i am using a 9-0-9 500mA transformer which drives my pic 16f73 and a LCD 16*2 attached to it. when i switch on the power within 5 min my transformer heats up tremendously.. i am not able to understand the problem.. please help me soon.. its urgent.. i m stuck at this...
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    problem with LCD - analog and µc boards work separately only

    problem with LCD hi.. i am using analog and µc board separately. i am giving my analog inputs to ADC of µc. µc is interfaced with a LCD display. Power supply to both boards is from different sources(transformers). when i use both boards independently they work. as soon as i connect both boards...
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    interfacing analog and digital circuitary

    i am using two analog inputs from one board which is given to a pic µc board... µc board is interfaced with a LCD.. my problem is when i am switching on the supply of analog board my µc board gets a minimal supply which switches on my power LED... and LCD's backlight partially on... then when i...

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