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    using PIC as slave device in modbus protocol

    pic modbus If I use PIC16F877 as slave device for modbus protocol with PC, how to program PIC as slave device in modbus protocol??
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    Commicate PC to PIC16F877 using 485 protocol

    pic16f877 rs485 Hi, Can any one help me how to design circuit for convert RS232 to 485 converter?? i need to communicate PC and PIC16F877 using 485 protocol. if any one already try it, please let me know... thanx...
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    Making Vibrator Controller Circuit

    vibrator controller Hi, can any body help me, how to make vibrator controller circuit with voltage output 0 - 110VAC and frequency 50Hz?? the voltage output can be adjust from 0 - 110VAC using potentiometer. Thanx
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    Procedure in mikrobasic for writing and reading string to EEPROM external

    Can any body have procedure in mikrobasic for writing and reading string to EEPROM external?? Thanx Husanto
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    Convert from open collector to line driver

    Hi, please help me, i want the schematic for convert from open collector output to line driver output. how to do that?? i want to use it to control servo motor with line driver input CW and CCW?? any body have opinion for this problem??
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    PIC16F877 Bootloader with OSC 16MHZ

    Can any body have bootloader PIC16F877 with cristal 16MHZ ??
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    Looking for EWB Ultiboard or Tina V7

    Any body have a EWB Ultiboard or Tina V7 for make a PCB design?. I have a Tina software but is a demo software. where i can get that software?? Thx....
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    Schematic USB PIC Programmer

    usb pic programmer schematic Hallo..i want to have schematic USB PIC Programmer, can any body help me??because i make a PIC programmer JDM2 using serial port DB9, but this programmer can't using Laptop to download it, much using PC Dektop to use it. So, i want to make other Programmer for use...
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    Where can I get the Renesas Simulator?

    i want simulator Renesas, can any body help me??

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