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    [51] SD Memory interface

    Yes, it is right that as long as the SPI interface is activated, the port control register don't have any effect. So, that there is already define one function named as "SPI_DELAY" in which SPDR is written by 0xFF up to 80 CLK signal.
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    [51] SD Memory interface

    Sorry for late. If you are telling about MOSI line then it is already define that "setb mosi" before toggling SD CLK.
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    [51] SD Memory interface

    Tank you for your answer. Now suggest me what is the problem in my communication with sd memory using AT89S8252 in SPI mode. I have already submit my code with ckt design, Pls check it.
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    [51] SD Memory interface

    Here is a question arises that ? All we know that the SD Card wakes up in the SD Bus mode. It will enter SPI mode if the CS signal is asserted (negative) during the reception of the reset command (CMD0). So, how it will receive the CMD0 at 1st stage in SPI channel.
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    [51] SD Memory interface

    Actually I receive only 0ffh. - - - Updated - - - Dear Klaus, did you check my code.
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    [51] SD Memory interface

    The SD card will respond to the reset command by sending a basic 8-bit response on the MISO line If the command you sent was successfully received, then you will receive the message (00000001)2.
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    [51] SD Memory interface

    yes, p1.5 is output of mcu and connected with input of sd memory
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    [51] SD Memory interface

    ;****************************************************************** ; To initialize the SD/SDHC card in SPI mode ;****************************************************************** SPCR DATA 0D5H SPSR DATA 0AAH SPDR DATA 086H SS BIT P1.4 MOSI BIT P1.5 MISO BIT P1.6...
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    [51] SD Memory interface

    Thanks for your suggestion but already i have seen this document and done the program with assembly language accordingly but no result.
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    [51] SD Memory interface

    Dear friends, from last 15 days i am trying to initialize an SD memory with AT89S8252(11.0592mhz) using SPI communication but there is no result.My logics are given below 1- spcr=52h 2- CS lines to logic value 1 3- Toggle SD CLK for at least 80 cycles. 4-CS low 5- send CMD0 with complete...
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    Want to learn microcontroller programming

    I think you should start with 8051 (AT89S51/AT89S52) mcu and you can refer the website www.pearsoned.co.in/muhammadalimazidi and also i think assembly language will beter for you.
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    defining the input of a microcontroller

    No requirement of resistor between input pin and ground.
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    how to convert rs232 to rs485

    Yes you may communicate using max-485 converter. connect the max232 to max485 and from this to another max485 then receive from this max485 to max232.
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    Boot-loader for P89V51RD2BN

    Any one can help me for Boot-loaded hex file for P89V51RD2BN.
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    [SOLVED] problem with my 16x2 LCD

    Show your code
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    Source or sinking current of a microcontroller

    Yes, just add a 10k resistor on port1(p1.4)
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    [General] watchdog timer in AT89c5131 ?

    Yes logic is simple for your requirement.
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    [General] Tempreture Indicator Using A AT89C52

    If you are using DS1620 temp sensor then using 3-wire communication you can read and write.
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    [PIC] Pic to pic uart long distance communication

    Data rates and the maximum distances recommended in RS-232 is 2400bps--60mtr 4800bps--30mtr 9600bps--15mtr 19200bps--7.6mtr 38400bps--3.7mtr 56000bps--2.6mtr

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