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    Is there any way to transfer diva rules to dracula format?

    I have some diva rules which including drc, lvs & lpe, is there any way to transfer them to dracula format? It's troubled to transfer them by hand since there're two thousand lines. Thanks for your help! B.R. Joffre
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    Add one function in '.simrc', exporting out netlist I met er

    hnlprintstring Hello everyone, I defined one function in '.simrc', but when I export out hspice netlist, I get such error: Running netlist Begin Incremental Netlisting Aug 12 22:27:10 2007 *Error* eval: undefined function - HNLPrintPnpElement End netlisting Aug 12 22:27:11...
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    May I run spectre simulation with hspice model?

    How to read hspice model when using spectre in IC5141? I heard someone else say but don't know how to do.
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    May I run spectre simulation with hspice model?

    I think that'll run hspice, doesn't it?
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    Diffusion layer connecting is prohibited, how to write rules

    Hi, I'm one layout engineer and diffusion layer connecting is prohibited in my design now, but since I modify my design based on last edition and need to check out those diffusion used as connect. According to my experience, maybe I may do it by soft-connect check, so I write such rules as...
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    May I run spectre simulation with hspice model?

    Hello everyone, I have only hspice model file and need to run simulation. Since I'm familiar with spectre and wanna use it to run. But I don'w know if I may do with hspice model, or need I deal with the model file? How to do it? Thanks for your help! Have a good day! B.R. Joffre

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