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    checking sim900 last byte sent to controller

    Any command followed by" <CR><LF><response><CR><LF>" *But remember one thing the command will be echo first.
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    checking sim900 last byte sent to controller

    You can test using the following format Commands are usually followed by a response that includes.”<CR><LF><response><CR><LF>”
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    gsm gprs moule problem

    i think you have some problem in code to sent the command from microcontroller. So, try the following code to sent from microcontroller AT+CMGF=1,0DH,0AH (where 0DH and 0AH both used for special character (enter)) i think this will help you, if it will not solve your problem then sent me your...
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    [SOLVED] Time delay for communication between mcu and gsm module

    i wants to know the exact time delay for receive the ok from gsm module after sending the at command.so,pls help
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    Integrating GPS with PSOC5 and display data on LCD display

    hi,friend you can communicate the GPS module with mcu using UART and then store the received data in register or memory location,after received you can display the data in lcd.So,just implement the rs232 code to communicate with gps. so,1st attempt to communicate.
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    Communication between microcontrollers using Rs485

    can it possible a MCU using as both master or slave at a time
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    Communication between microcontrollers using Rs485

    I need help to creat a code(.asm) for communication between multiple microcontrollers using RS485.So,pls help me with some sampule code (Using At89s51/52)
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    development board/kit for embedded system project

    Pantech provides a wide range of developement boards and they're not too expensive, they also do free codes for testing purpose each and every section of this board,which code helps you for your code developement.Now i am using pantech-8051ADB board it includes 2*16 lcd,grphical...

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