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    How to make a good start in Microcontroller Programming in C

    Hello ! I want to learn C programming for Microcontroller. Anybody can suggest a good start (wrt process & books). Also Suggest a simple to understand and common starter : 1. AVR 2. Intel 8051 3. PIC 4. Freescale 5. Rabbit 2000 6. Parallax Propeller 7. ARM 8. List goes on...
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    UPS Microcontroller Choice and Programming

    Hello Everybody, I'm going to design an offline UPS (Input :230V AC, 4 Relays [one for Mains, two for buck and boost and one for output] with buck-boost topology), but confused with the choice for Microcontroller (cost and performance)and how to interface it with the analog signals of Relay and...

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