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  1. scum

    Linksys WAP54G wireless access point 100mW mod !

    wap54g modding If someone is interested, here is my WAP54G page: https://milengeorgiev.tripod.com/index.html regs, scum
  2. scum

    High Speed RFID or High Speed Wireless SD flash Card

    I start a project for wireless (like RFID cards) SD flash memory card. It must be very fast (8MB data must be transferred about max. 5 minutes) I must build a device with integrated SD flash card , and wireless power supply and communication ... Can someone help me with some info , pds's , web...
  3. scum

    Sony STR-DB840 schematic please ...

    I'm looking for Sony Reciever STR-DB840 schematic Thank You !
  4. scum

    where I can download complete cadstar libraries ?

    cadstar libraries Can someone tell me where I can download complete cadstar libraries ?
  5. scum

    Looking for good IC's datasheet (PDF) serach engine (link).

    Can You tell me some link for good datasheet search engine (or database). Thanks
  6. scum

    U2829 datasheet needed !

    u2829 Can You help me to find U2829 datasheet please ? It is Dual FM Demodulator ..
  7. scum

    ATV FM Audio/Video Modulator (1000-1800 MHz) sch needed ...

    I'm looking for a good schematic of FM AV modulator (VCO) in band 900 - 1800 MHz for ATV modulator .. Can someone help me ?

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