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  1. DZC

    About single loop multibit delta-sigma modulators

    matlab fast bitget Hi,rfsystem,but could show me some example. I do know some single loop sigma delta modulator use MSBs to feedback and throw away LSBs. And when compare with sigma delta ADC, the feedback signal is the MSB(Δ)?! Do you mean in MASH? thanks a lot!
  2. DZC

    Some questions on Phase Detectors,plz!

    1.Since PFD can't achieve zero phase difference,just to what extend can it reach,say tens of picoseconds? 2.As far as I know the crystal oscillators works below several hundereds of Meg Hz,can I conclude the Phase Detectors also work below such frequency? 3.Is there any circuit to realized...
  3. DZC

    Check my IIP2 simulation method using QPSS + QPAC

    Re: Is it IIP2? I know IM2 signal is located near the LO frequence(fLO±(fRF1-fRF2)) and so it is easily filtered by LPF. In a ZIF receiver, the IM2 influences the output by adding to the output without mixing with RF signal. so I am confused by the importance of IIP2, I think isolation is very...

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