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    What is Extract Dose? please Help

    Hi, I made a layout in cadence and i extracted now i have to describe what dose extracted layout dose, i mean i have to describe it, please can you provide some info? cheers
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    Changing the back ground in cadence IC5141!! please help

    change background color virtuoso schematci HI, I have to make screen shots from cadence IC5141 for my thesis. the thing is my circuit is already big and having a black back ground makes it diff. to read when it is printed !! is there any way to change the back ground color of the Schematic...
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    SCL NAND & D, RS ...Latches design . Help needed!!!

    HI, I have to design a scl nand and different SCL (source coupled logic) latched.. on .35um technology. the only thing i dont know any thing about it and on web i cant find any schematics or details about these logics, i appreciate ur help. cheers :)
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    Questions about using Cadence IC610 and NCSU CDK on Linux

    Hi, i am newbi in linux and cadence and NCSU, i starting to learn, so first i want to get info about apps, so i need a lot of HELP Plz. 1: what is the purpose of the NCSU CDK?what it dose ?why we need it?how i can install and use it?what i need to have to be able to use this? 2: What is...
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    Cadence IC610 & IUS 5.5 & SOC4.1 & Assura3.1.4?

    cadence ius HI, i have a question, are IUS 5.5 and SOC 4.1 & Assura 3.1.4 compatible with Cadence IC610? also i really appreciate if some one show me a complete env script for all these products.or at least for IC610. and how can i get technology KIT? i am really in bad situation right now...
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    Lowpass filter with wsitched capacitor resistor simulation.

    resistor simulation Hi, I have a problem with simulation of the low pass filter with switched capacitor resistor! i attached the schematic picture also.. so as u see this circuit is using 2 none overlapping pulse generator!so when i do the transient simulation my pulse gens are working fine...
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    IC5141 & SOC4.1 (how to make it run?)

    Hi; i got a problem with running Cadence IC5141 on my sys. i managed to install all the IC5141 & SOC4.1 & IUS 5.5 & Assura on my pc that has CentOS 4.4. and also i have license for this cadence product ..(it is only one file) now comes the question that how i can set this license and how can i...
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    IC 5033 & IC 5141 problem!!

    Hi everyone! i was checking this forum about the instalation of the cadence IC5141and IC5033 but the thing is im getting totaly diffrent error in instalation. my PC's description is: 1) OS: Mandriva 2007 powerpack+ 2) i have 2 partiona one is 8.4 gb and and other is 37 gb.(mandriva did it by...

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