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    .ibs to dml file conversion in model integrity

    Hi all, While creating .ibs file to .dml file in the PCB SI Editor, the conversion was stuck at one point and an error occured ie,the file cannot be translated to .dml.:roll: On checking the log file,I came across majority of warnings such as "Typical data is non-monotonic" Can any one...
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    Spacing constraint error

    Hi everyone, I imported a .brd file from the Allegro PCB Editor to specctra for autorouting.I set the electrical and physical and spacing rules for the all the nets in the Allegro PCB Editor Constraint Manager but when i exported that to the Specctra Autooruter the spacing rules are not visible...
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    Report unconnects or details of the nets, specified area

    Hi all, Is it possible to report the unconnects or details of the nets within a specified area for example if a particular area is fenced or it is within a small routekeepin area (not the whole board):?: ?please reply. Thanx in advance Neha,
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    Fanout in Specctra Autorouting

    Hi all, In the design,there is a BGA component.I want to fanout using the autorouter option in the specctra.Is it possible to fanout the BGA component in the bga quadrant style?The options given are in ,out or in_out.Is the bga quadrant style only available in the allegro editor interactive...
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    Can we use Skill scripting in Allegro for autorouting in Spectra?

    Hi all, Can we use skill scripting in allegro for autorouting in specctra? Thanks Neha
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    Miter problem in autorouting

    Hi all, I want to miter some nets that are autorouted in specctra(allegro V 16.0).When mitered the some of the nets are mitering to diagonal corners,some others are not even if there are enough space in the board file (same with the case of rounded corners).I changed the setback length as a...
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    What does ECL property means?

    ECL property Hi all, Can anyone please xplain whats meant by ECL property attached to the nets? Does it have any relation with autorouting,i mean is this property is attached to the net how the nets will be affected when they are autorouted?? Thanks Neha
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    How target nets in a relative delay group are determined?

    Hi, Is there any specific rule for a net to be specified as a target in a match group in specctra(Allegro Router)?How can a target be explicitly selected in specctra? Can anyone pls xplain this?? Thanx, Neha.
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    Autorouting matchgroups MG1 having the relative propagation

    Hi all, I'm new to autorouting.I'm trying to autoroute the nets in a matchgroup MG1 having the relative propagation delay with a net set as target and moreover the same nets come under another matchgroup MG2 that has another target.But wen tried autorouting with specctra using the...
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    Problem in Allegro PCB Editor

    Hi all, I'm new to the Allegro PCB Editor Tool.Actually when i tried to Click on Route->Route Editor or Route->Route Automatic,an error "Program has encountered a problem and must exit.The database will be saved(if applicable)." Can anyone pls give me solution to this?Why does this error occur?
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    Specctra Autorouting with do file with delay constraints

    Hi all, I'm currently using the Allegro PCB Router tool for autoruting the boards with do file.I'm trying to autoroute the a bus that are given constraints of relative propagation delay and propagation delay.While autorouting the some of the signals are not obeying the rules and some are...

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