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    Magnetic Saturation in HFSS

    Hi everyone, I am working with ferrite materials in HFSS. I want to define magnetic saturation but I don't know how it has been defined for HFSS. I mean, Ms or 4*pi*Ms. Regadrs
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    where to find LM1458 for Orcad 9.2. library

    lm1458 Hi everyone I've got a problem with my Orcad 9.2. My orcad doesn't support LM1458 IC in it's Pspice library. Where can I find a library file(*.olb & *.lib) containing this IC. I'll be very thanksfull if anyone can help me.
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    Temperature Compensation

    Hello. Can you give me transistor circuits which have temprature compensation using diodes? Thanks.
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    Delpletion Width In PN Junction

    Hello Everyone. Can you prove why the width of depletion region in PN junction in P region is the relation below. Regards. Xp=√[2εVo/qNa(1+Na/Nd)]
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    Diode built-in potential

    When we measure the potential difference between two poles of a diode it doesn't show the built-in potential and shows zero potential Why??
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    What is the form of Maxwell equations in motive areas?

    What is the form of Maxwell equations in motive areas?

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