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    PIC18F4520 program to check input states

    I wrote the following code for C18 compiler. basically what I am trying to accomplish is the have an LED light up at RD0 when RA0 is high then turn off when RA0 is low. then the same for RD1 and RA1. #define HI 1 #define LO 0 //Header files #include <p18f45k20.h> #include <delays.h>...
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    How do I use PWM with PIC18F45K20???

    Does anyone have any sample "C" code for setting up and using PWM with PIC18F45k20?
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    PIC programming question

    I am working on a robot using a PIC16F84A. I need to send a pulse through an I/O port. is there a line command in Embedded C that i could do that or am i just better of doing this: RA3=1 RA3=0 I also need to run a timer and wait for a response to a different I/O is there a straight forward...
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    i want to build my own ultrasonic range finder

    build ultrasonic range finder i want to use an ultrasonic range finder similar to the parallax one for a robot i am working on for my final college project. the problem is i don't want to pay $30 each for the range finders. does anyone know where i could find a schematic to build myself. Any...

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