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    Need Help: 24V 5 Ampere Power Supply

    Need Help: 24V 3 Ampere Power Supply I have an information that says by combining 7805 regulator with TIP32C transistor will give 5V and 3 Ampere output. It is like this: Now I want to ask, If I combine 7824 regulator like the picture above (I mean replace the 7805 with 7824) , will I get...
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    Need Help: Make two 5V power supplies

    Hi all, In my project, I have to use four motors and they are require high current to operate. Because of this, I decide to make two power supplies which are LM2576 based and LM7805 based power supply. LM2576 based supply will be used to power the motors only while LM7805 based power supply...
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    Need Explanation: Motor's Power Supply

    I build 5V power supply using 1A transformer and 7805 regulator. I want to drive 4 Motors. Each of the motor require 500mA to operate. My question, If all the motors should operate together at the same time, is my power supply enough or I need to build a new one with higher current rating? I'm...
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    Need Help: TV Remote to replace push button

    I've built a simple code (AVR) that contain 12 push buttons. I'm planning to replace all of them with TV Remote so that they can be accessed using one Remote control only. Well, is this possible? (12 buttons) This is my code: #include <mega8535.h> #include <stdio.h> void main() {...
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    Need Help: Power percentage calculation in phase firing angle

    Let say we have firing delay for 5 ms after zero crossing point as shown by the picture below. (220V 50Hz) That means the firing angle is 90 degree right? My problem now is, by knowing the firing delay (5 ms) and the firing angle (90) how do I calculate the percentage of power that is...
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    Need Help: L293D - Bipolar stepper motor problem

    I followed the the circuit in the picture below: taken from: https://www.8051projects.net/stepper-motor-interfacing/stepper-motor-connections.php But I don't know why every time the motors start, they disturb the other system such as my 16x2 LCD. When they starts, LCD display is like dimming...
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    Stepper motor using AVR

    I need to control some stepper motors using my AVR micro-controller, but I've never did this before and I'm so blind. Can somebody give me examples or anything related to this as my guidance to write the code in C? Thanks.
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    [SOLVED] [Moved] Need Help: AVR - L293D - Bipolar stepper motor

    Can somebody suggest me the right connection of AVR to L293D to TWO Stepper motors (24V) ? I really need it.
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    Need Help: AVR Analog-to-Digital Converter

    I use the following part of code to read the ADC value: unsigned int read_adc(unsigned char adc_input) { ADMUX=adc_input | (ADC_VREF_TYPE & 0xff); delay_us(10); ADCSRA|=0x40; while ((ADCSRA & 0x10)==0); ADCSRA|=0x10; return ADCW; } while (1) {...
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    Light Intensity Reference

    I need a valid reference of how many lux is needed for room illumination during PRESENTATION using projector (e.g. in classroom). I know 250 lux is enough for studying room, but for presentation, I think it should be less than 250 and I dont know the exact value. Can somebody give me one??
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    Need help: AVR 8-bit timer

    Can anybody tell me how to calculate OCR0 & OCR2 in timer0 and timer 2? I've been searching and just found formula to calculate TCNT and OCR1A. Help me please.
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    Need Help: Phase Firing Angle

    In phase firing angle application, what is actually limited (power, current, or voltage)? Let say it is used to control a lamp.The theory says, the shorter the firing delay, the brighter the lamp will be. My question, is there any formula or graph to show the relation between firing delay with...
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    Need Help: Automatic Daylighting

    This project will control the lighting system inside a room. It will maintain comfortable light intensity by dimming or brightening the AC lamps based on the outside light source (sun). 3 LDRs are used to measure light intensity inside a room (LDR front, LDR middle, LDR back). Output of these...
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    Need Help in Multitasking (CodevisionAVR)

    Can anybody help me how to tell my AVR to execute multiple tasks (multitasking) at the same time using codevisionAVR ? For example, I want to display ADC value on the LCD, make some blinking LEDs with different delay according to ADC value, insert some logic operation, etc. what should I do to...
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    LDR, ADC 10 bit, LUX

    I use LDR as a light sensor. Its output is directly connected to my ADC which is included already in my AVR. The ADC is 10 bit. Now I want to convert the ADC value (0 up to 1023) into lux. Sine I don't have any commercial luxmeter, so can anyone help me how to convert this adc value into lux ...
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    [SOLVED] AVR Internal 1MHz RC vs external crystal 12 MHz

    What is the different between using the AVR internal 1MHz RC and using external crystal i.e 12MHz ? If the MCU is completed already with internal RC, why should we use external crystal ?
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    [SOLVED] Error (timer0 AVR microcontroller)

    I want to make 1s delay using TIMER0 and Here is the code: #include <mega8535.h> interrupt [TIM0_OVF] void timer0_ovf_isr(void) { delay = delay + 1 } void main(void) { // Timer/Counter 0 initialization // Clock source: System Clock // Clock value: 3.906 kHz // Mode: Normal top=FFh TCCR0=0x05...
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    Precise Delay AVR ATmega8535

    How to make a precise and accurate delay by using timer instead of using #include <delay.h> ?? Is there any example of codes as simple as blinking LED with precise delay maybe ? Thank you...
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    Problem with Phase Firing Angle in dimmer circuit

    The circuit that I've built: The code: #include <mega8535.h> #include <delay.h> // External Interrupt 0 service routine interrupt [EXT_INT0] void ext_int0_isr(void) { PORTB=0x00; delay_ms(5); // firing triac 6 ms after zero cross detected PORTB=0x01; delay_us(1); //...
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    Blinking LED with 1s delay

    Hi,, I want to make a blinking LED with 1s delay using ATmega8535. The compiler is codevisionAVR and here is my code: #include <mega8535.h> #include <delay.h> void main(void) { PORTC=0x00; DDRC=0x08; while (1) { PORTC=0x08; delay_ms(1000); PORTC=0x00...

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