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    high power amplifier linearity

    Hi Beside 2 tone test in TV tehniques is very usual using of 3 tone test which much better simulate real conditions and predicts results. First signal simulate vision carrier Fv, second tone simulate sound carrier Fs, and 3rd colour carrier Fc. Their levels may differ from test to test but one...
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    Printed Inductor (PLANAR INDUCTOR)

    inductor planar calculator Hi If there are not too many of printed inductances you can measure precisely and send dimensions of each, and also type of the substrate, I can recalculate it in nH. I have no better idea in this moment, except to advice you yo spend lot of time and learn to use some...
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    planar inductor design on standard microstrip - help needed

    The problem with planar inductors in MS is that they have quite low Q. On G10 or FR4 PCB maximum is around 100 and very often less! Some times it is not enough for filter, specialy if it have to be sharp! Best regards! Dragan
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    Tube and solid state power amp software

    Yes, it uses Cg1k and Cg1g2 or Cg1a to calculate input impedance. For plate tank circuit calculation it is normaly to calculated output resistance add paralel output capacitance of tube (mainly Cg1a for triode and Cg2a for tetrode) Regards
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    Tube and solid state power amp software

    proteus tube triode Dear friends I would like to inform you that you can find small but very useful program for calculating tube and solid state power amps. Program name is MatchNet 2.1 and you can find it at: https://www.qsl.net/yu1aw/engl.htm#software BTW Elektroda is very nice forum!I like...

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