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    how to send AT commands through C

    I always use this way to send data BYTE data[5]={0}; DWORD byteswritten; BOOL returnValue; BYTE bytes2send; ....... ..... data[0]=0x41; //AScii A data[1]=0x54; //AScii T data[2]=0x5C; data[3]=0x72; bytes2send = 4; returnValue = WriteFile(hCom,&data,bytes2send,&byteswritten,NULL); if fail...
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    how to send AT commands through C

    Convert to ASCII hex first then only send it serially. However, if the buffer use to hold the AT command is declared as char, it may not need to convert to Ascii hex 1st, but can send the command direct. Not sure about this method, just an idea.
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    how to send AT commands through C

    I assume u have all the hardware interfacing ready. 1) Open the serial communication port using CreateFile 2) Set the baudrate, stopbits, etc using SetCommState 3) Read and write to the serial com using readfile and writefile 4) Assume u wish to send AT+OK, convert "AT+OK" to ascii, and send it...
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    How to interface a device using GPIB Port to PIC and use its data?

    Re: GPIB Port You can insert an PCI GPIB card into the PC, install the drivers and start communication with device using GPIB commands as mentioned in the device operational manual.
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    Help with GPIB communication

    gpib communication Hi, There are several possible reasons. 1) Have u install the GPIB card driver properly ? 2) Is the GPIB cable plug in properly ? 3) I am not sure how NI GPIB explorer works, but just can try change the GPIB address of the equipment to factory default. 4) If u are familiar...
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    Detect Keyboard key press using VC6.0

    onkeydown() in cdialog + vc6.0 I wrote a simple dialog based program using MFC wizard to detect any key press, but the program is not responding to any key pressed. What is missing ? Below is the message handle codes, the empty function is created using ClassWizard void...
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    emulate virtual com port using usb driver wceusbsh.sys

    wceusbsh.sys Hi, Yes, I have a CE device connected to a PC through USB. I want to run HyperTerminal in the PC to communicate with the CE device. Another point is that I'm not running any OS in my CE device, but in bootloader mode. Basically the enumeration part is done. Thanks.
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    emulate virtual com port using usb driver wceusbsh.sys

    writing applications using wceusbsh.sys Hi, I am using a USB driver wceusbsh.sys to communicate with a device using USB. However, how can I emulata a virtual com port so that I can use Hyper Terminal to communicate with the device ? Thanks.
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    Creating handle for COM Port

    Hi, Recently I upgrade from VC 6 to VC2005, and ported one program over. This program basically open the COM Port and send some binary data through the port. The program did not give any compilation error or warnings on VC2005, but it always return an invalid handle. Below is part of the...
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    Convert C to assembly

    asm convert to If the compiler treats n=n+1 as the syntax of n=n+x, then maybe it makes a difference, n++ only need register increment, but n=n+1 will require direct addition of a constant.
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    Convert C to assembly

    convert c to assembly In C command syntax, n++ is equivalent to n=n+1, but if convert to assembly will it be the same interms of code length and processing time ?
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    Number of Parallel Port

    Hi Vale, Thank you.
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    Number of Parallel Port

    Is there a limitation on how many parallel ports a PC system can support ? Normal PC have 1 parallel port, can I add extra parallel ports by means of PCI card or USB to parallel adaptors. Thanks.
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    How can I access the USB using VC++ 6 ?

    Re: Write through a USB port Hi, Thanks for the Hints.
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    How can I access the USB using VC++ 6 ?

    Write through a USB port Hi, I need to develop an desktop application which can write to a MMC using VC++ 6. Anyone have idea how I can access the USB using VC++ 6 ? Thanks.
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    How to check if Disk On Chip is working?

    Disk On Chip Hi, I've an Intel processor interface to a DOC, how can I verify if the DOC is working ?

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