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    FSS Resonance Characteristics

    What is the difference between S11 and S21 for FSS with and without ground plane?
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    FSS Transmission/ Reflection Curves

    Can anyone tell that, what is the difference between the FSS Transmission/Reflection characteristics with and without ground plane?
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    Return loss of Dual Frequency Antenna

    can anyone tell me why the return loss for first resonance is high as compared to the return loss for second resonance?
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    Why the return loss of an antenna decreases at higher frequencies?

    Why the return loss of an antenna decreases at higher frequencies? Is there any mathematical proof for this?
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    Reason for setting angles of incidence in FSS

    Hey friend's, I want to ask about the angles theta and phi, why there is a need to set them for analyzing fss?
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    Role of Theta and Phi for FSS

    Hey, Can anyone tell that why we have to define the angles theta and phi for analyzing frequency selective surfaces? How both of these angles can effect the performance? tq
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    Dual-Layer Reflectarray

    Hey Friend's I am trying to simulate a dual layer reflectarray with substrate thickness of 0.5mm each. The combined loss of the structure is around 10dB, if i remove the patch from bottom substrate the loss still remains 10dB. I want to ask that if the loss in both cases is same then how can i...
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    Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS), Book

    Dear all, Does anybody have the soft copy or link for the complete book "Frequency Selective Surfaces, Theory and Design" written by Ben A. Munk? Please share if you have any way to access the complete book.
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    How to Generate 2D Radiation Pattern for infinite array unit cell in CST?

    Hey, I have simulated a unit cell using infinite boundary conditions. I want to know, how i can generate the 2D radiation pattern of the designed cell?
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    How to assing PML in HFSS

    How to assign PML in HFSS Dear all, I am trying to simulate a Frequency Selective Surface in HFSS, for which i require to assign PML to the designed structure. Can anyone let me know how to assign PML to the FSS design. Thanks! Arslan.
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    Unit cell boundary conditions

    Hi, I am trying to simulate four layer reflectarray structure and i'm not sure what boundary conditions to use? Can anyone tell me how to define unit boundary conditions or i have to assign some other boundary condition? Thanks! Regard's, Arslan
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    Floquet's ports in CST

    Can anyone tell, how we can assign Floquet's ports in CST for a reflectarray antenna?
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    Multilayer Reflectarray Antenna

    Hi, I am trying to simulate one of Jose. Encinar's paper titled " Reflectarray element based on aperture-coupled patches with slots and lines of variable length ". The design consists of four layers. I am not able to get my simulated results matched with the paper results using CST. Can anyone...
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    Multilayer Reflectarray Phase Shifter Element

    I am simulating a four layer reflectarray antenna, but my results are not matching with the paper results. I have checked the dimensions and all the conditions many times but still unable to get the desired results. Can any one help me regarding the multilayer reflectarray conditions or...

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