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    Emi suppression for component layer

    Hi All, I am working on high speed board design .my doubt is avoid emi problem i provided full solid copper plane in external layer after completing routing.whether work out this method it will create any problem in design. any alternate method.can you provide suggestion. Thanks and regards...
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    Ddr4 data lines routing

    Now i am working on DDR3 board its has 8 layer frequency range(1066 MHz). stripline used for signals routing. my doubt is one side full GND reference plane will be there and other side PWR split plane will be there. so signals crossing split plane any problem occur or it will work out.please...
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    Pcb material selection

    Hi All, my doubt is what basis they selecting PCB material for pcb design.what parameter we should consider .little bit knowledge i have in this but not clear. 1.power board 2.high speed 3.mixed signal 4.rf board. waiting valuable reply Regards, M.Dinesh

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