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    Using PSL assertion on std_logic_vector in VHDL

    Hello, I just started studying PSL assertion for design verificaion. I am debugging a module which has programmable delay and it seems embeddeding PSL in VHDL code can be beneficial. I want to describe a property of the data path of the module I am working on; I have two std_logic_vector...
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    new rodin software from xilinx

    As far as I know, they had to re-design the tool from the scratch because the existing tool could not handle very large 7 series FPGA effectively. I've heard that it has plan-ahead like interface, but very different from ISE in many ways including the way to constraint a design... Someone told...
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    wanted to know the black box logic..

    Isn't it a counter which can count from 0 to 3 and starts from the input?
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    Inferring Dual port block memory on Virtex-2 part

    I'm trying to infer dual port block memory on Virtex-2 part using ISE 10.1, but I got following error: If I use ISE 13.4 and target other parts (I cannot target V2 on ISE13.4), I don't get the error. Does anyone have experience with this error? How do we infer a dual port BRAM for V2 part...
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    case statement vs if statement

    Yes, what I know is based on synthesizing a circuit. Not just guessing. I was curious about exactly on this issue and tested it before. It was long time ago, though. I thought you said that your answer still applies, didn't you? Perhaps YOU should read what I wrote. I did not say that...
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    maximum achievable resource utilization in Virtex-4 FPGA ?

    Hi all, I've used Virtex-4 SX35 before. When I used 80%of LUT and 75% of register, it became unroute-able. I've used three BUFGs and a few BUFIOs. In case of V4-Fx100, the maximum I could reach was less than those numbers, and I used more BUFGs. I know it really depends on design, but I...
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    Altera DE2 - Nios code confusion

    Altera provides a GPIO module which we can attach to Avalon bus. It comes with C functions we can use to write to and read from GPIO module. I mapped the pins of the GPIO I instantiated to the control lines I had... I think you can get more information about it from help on the module.
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    case statement vs if statement

    Hm... Really? As far as I know, the implementation from case and if statements were different. I don't know how the synthesizer can create case statement from multiple if-elsif statement. I thought that was the reason designers prefer using case statement instead of if... is it not?
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    case statement vs if statement

    Oh, sorry. What I was assuming was that there is a cascaded if statements such as if...elsif....elsif....
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    FPGA reliability issues

    It will depend on many factors such as how much decoupling you have on the board, how many signals are switching at the same time, how fast they are switching, etc. Simultaneous Switching Noise (SSN) can be analyzed in the tool FPGA vendors provide... once I had a problem with SSN on more than...
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    case statement vs if statement

    they implement different circuit. If 'if' statement is used, it generates cascaded logic which checks for the 1st if statement condition, then next if statement condition, and so on. If 'case' is used, all conditions in the statement have equal weight.
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    Question on interfacing USB-OTG and USB

    Thank you! I guess I need to go though that 800 page doc sometime soon.... :sad:
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    What is the DIfference between these synchronous codes... Are the similar

    Oh, my bad. I thought the sum signal was not the part of the always statement. Since both codes are synchronous and are only activated at the rising edge of clk signal, I would say they are identical. Again, I am beginner in Verilog.... :razz:
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    Question on interfacing USB-OTG and USB

    Thank you, FvM. That means it is possible to make my custom board talk to USB 2.0 slave device "with" specific device class implemented in the OTG software? Is there any limitation on using OTG as a master vs. conventional USB master? Also, it would be great if you can point me to any...
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    Timing delay and area information in Virtex FPGA

    When you open up the timing analyzer, you can run the analyzer by timing constraint. Also, you can set it up to display N worst timing paths. Of course, the worst timing path is the bottle neck of the design. A designer needs to specify false paths of the design. The tool does not know unless...
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    What is the DIfference between these synchronous codes... Are the similar

    I'm not verilog person, but doesn't the code at the top generate registers for "sum" signal, but not for the bottom code?
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    Dual core ARM programming

    Hi all, I haven't done any dual core processing before. How's it different from single core processing? Is OS a must for dual core processor, or can I make the two cores work on different tasks? If you have good reference, could you give me the link please? Thanks, Gongdori
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    [SOLVED] Linking multiple librarys in ModelSim

    There are a couple of things things to check: 1) Is the Altera library visible in ModelSim library window? 2) Is the library compiled?
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    Help! xilinx routing fail caused by BUFGMUX

    Yes, you can lock it in the ucf file. I don't know which device you are using, but there are number of accessible BUFGs from a pin. Why don't you select one which is not near your differential signal input?

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