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    Need schematic for door lock project with 8051 or AVR

    i want to do a door lock with 8051 or avr is there any schematic or link thanks
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    Two port Networks in orcad

    orcad z parameters please i want to know how to calculate the two port network parameters in orcad 10.5 ( Z parameters , Y parameters , ................) without doing the open circuit and short circuit tests thanks
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    How to run Windows applications on Linux?

    hi all i want to ask a question can i run my windows applications" such exe appz , games , torrent clients , softwares , and other appz" under linux i have suze linux 10 is there a patch or plug in for linux to do that i need my windows programs badly "because i am an engineer and there is a...
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    JDM pic Programmer question

    jdm pic programmer schematic hi all i wantto know if i can use serial port with 9 pins"DB9" with JDM programmer or not since it uses serial port with 25 pins "DB25" and i dont has this serial port in my pc https://images.elektroda.net/34_1159193920.gif...
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    can JDM programmer program pic16f84A

    hello i know that JDM programmer can program pic16f84 but i dont knowif it can program pic16f84A or not and if not,what is the best pic16f84A programmer Also what is the difference between pic16f84 and pic16f84A
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    how to program pic16f788 with JDM

    pic16f788 i want to know how to program pic16f788 with JDM when i visited JDM programmer website i found it doesnt support pic16f788 and when i visited ic-prog website i didnt find any schematic for pic16f788 please help with a schematic and software to program pic16f788
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    what is the simplest pic16f877 programmer

    pic16f877 programmer what is the simplest pic16f877 programmer i looked at JDE programmer but it doesnt support pic16f877 chip i looked at ic prog and pony prog but they are not simple so what is the simplest programmer i also want epic programmer schematic please help
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    What language is better for PIC programming: C or Assembly?

    hello i need your advice i am beginer in pic i am learning it from "pic microcontroller project book" by "John Iovine" but this book is programing by "PICBasic" which is very easy and good but when i search the internet for pic projects i found a lot of good projects but the source code is in...
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    what is the difference between

    what is the difference between 8-bit microcontrollers and 16-bit microcontrollers and i am a beginer in pic so what shall i use:8-bit or 16-bit
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    What are Locks bit 1,2,2 in 8051

    hello i have atmel 8051 "AT89s52" chip i used to program it with isp-prog from www.8052.com but when i wrote lock bits 1 ,2 ,3 to it i wasnt able to program it any more so what are these bits and how i can get rid of them to be able to program my controller again and what is "fuse bytes" thanks
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    What is the best book for learning PIC and where to get it?

    newbie to pic i am new to pic i want to know what is the best book for learning pic and where can iget this book from the internet i want also a pic chip number since there are a lot of pic chips available in the market
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    How to interface an usb keyboard with 8051 microcontroller?

    usb keyboard interface please how to interface an usb keyboard with 8051 microcontroller or any microcontroller
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    how to convert c code to hex

    c to hex compiler i have wrote a code in C language for 8051 and i want to compile it and convert it to hex file how can i do this i tried keil uvision2 but i couldnt compile it please help
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    Which microcontroller is better PIC or AVR?

    hi all how r u i have finished an 8051 cource but as you know it is a dummy microcontroller i want to learn a powerfull microcontroller should i learn pic or avr and where can i get the tutorials thanks
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    how to convert binary to BCD or decimal in assembly

    binary to bcd assembly code i want to know how to convert binary to BCD or decimal in assembly i want a code thanks
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    How to convert binary value stored in accumulator and display it on LCD?

    i want to know how to display the valve stored in the accumulator in the LCD for example if there is a value of "5C h" hexadecimal stored in the accumulator i want it to be displayed as "92" "decimal" on the LCD i want to convert the binary value stored in the accumulator int its equivalent...
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    I want any 8051 programmer

    8051 usb programmer I want any 8051 programmer schematic it canbe through usb or parallel port pr serial port it is prefered to be through usb thanks
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    What is a pattern generator

    proteus pattern generator What is a pattern generator i found it in proteus virtual instruments is it used to generate a specific pattern of waveform i want to generate an IR RC5 waveform in proteus because i wrote a code to 8051 to work as ir decoder and i want to simulate it and if not...
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    how to simulate IR RC5 in proteus

    proteus rc5 i wrote an assembly code for 8051 to run as an ir rc5 decoder i want to simulate my code in proteus but how to generate ir rc5 wave form in proteus and what is the name of the ir receiver in proteus library i want also an assembly or c sorce code for 8051 to run as calculator with...
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    How to get the source code from a 8051 example in Proteus?

    hi how r u all i am new to proteus software it comes with a lot of samples i loaded a sample for 8051 and i was really interested in it but i want to know how can i get the source code which is written on the 8051 chip on this sample a second question i want an assembly code for 8051 to run...

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