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    Thermal Relief and anti pads

    Hello everyone, I am struggling with how to create thermal reliefs and anti pads because all I see is the regular pads. Even when I insert the thermal pad in my pads they don't show on my planes, that are turned on in the setup/design parameters. Can someone break down this for me, I...
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    ORCAD PCB EDITOR - Command for route and retain?

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone know how to do a route and retain in Orcad PCB Editor? If so can you explain it to me, I am new to Board design so please be specific. I have a board outline and components on the board but I have two boards attached to each other and want to make on break...
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    [SOLVED] Creating a Netlist ERROR(SPMHNI-191):

    Hello, Can anyone help me with this error? I have replace the part, changed the footprint, and most of the basic things I could think to do to fix this error. I am a new PCB Designer and need a little help, I am struggling to understand what I am doing wrong. I would appreciate any...

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