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    antenna pattern calculation at the presence of objects

    Dear All, I'm interested in any useful sources/books-papers/code regarding the calculation of antenna patterns at the pressence of nearby obstacles (walls, metallic towers/objects etc). I'm interested in first principles on how to approach the topic. Any help or pointing to the right direction...
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    3D antenna pattern interpolation

    Dear all, I was wondering if anyone knows how to combine (interpolate) 2 antenna pattern cuts (Vertical and horizontal) to a 3D pattern. Any directions to some matlab, c or other code, or relevant links will be much appreciated. Best regards Cross
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    3D plotting/generation of antenna pattern

    Hi to all, Can anyone provide some input how one can plot/generate in matlab and/or C# (or C++) a 3D antenna pattern from the E and H plane patterns? Any input will be highly appreciated. Many Thanks, Cross
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    field calculation away from an antenna

    antenna far field calculation program Hi, I was wondering which simulator people would recommend in the following scenario. Imagine that the problem is the estimation of the near and far field several tenths of meters away from an antenna (near and far field) by considering also the...
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    developments in satellite receive antennas

    Hi, Does anybody have any information on developments in satellite receive antennas. Any information on flat plated or alternatives to dishes? Any information/links/documents will be greatly appreciated Kind Regards Cross
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    calculation of field in the near field region of an antenna

    near field calculation Hi, Anybody nows the easiest way (or software) where you can import an antenna pattern or structure and check how much is the received field in the near field region or how this field diminishes in the near-field region with an increasing distance from the antenna? The...
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    size of patchantenna and maximum gain question

    Does anybody now what is the maximum gain that can be achieved through a patch antenna design having the minimum possible dimensions? I have seen patch antennas having a gain of 19 dBi (or even 23dBi) at dimensions of 0.37X0.37m (19dBi). Have you seen or do you know if we can achieve an antenna...
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    EM simulator for multiple dielectric layer losses

    dielectric layer losses This question goes to all EM wizards. Lets say we want to simulate and find out what should be the transmission/reflection loss of one or multiple dielectric layers. Which EM simulator do you think will easily do the job and how would you set the following generic...
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    microwave studio and multiple processors

    If I'm not mistaken cst studio can utilize more than one processors. Anybody knows if it can use processors of different machines or is it a case where it can use two processors on a single motherboard? Rgds Cross
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    Wall loss - which similator would be best?

    Wall loss Has anybody ever used an electromagnetic simulator to predict the transmission loss of a solid wall (brick wall, concrete etc). Theoretically it should not be difficult as the wall can be modelled as a block having a specific permittivity and conductivity and you assume a plane wave...
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    Thermal Considerations for RF Power Amplifier Devices

    Have a look at https://www-s.ti.com/sc/psheets/slwa009/slwa009.pdf Cross
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    Best simulation tool for Frequency selective surfaces?

    frequency selective surfaces Anybody has any experience with frequency selective surfaces and the existing simulators? Any examples or resources would be most welcomed. Many Thanks Cross

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