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    What does "Device Characterization" mean?

    I have seen it used often with MEMS structures but am not quite sure what it means.. Can anyone please help me with this??
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    Looking for a seminar topic on MEMS..Pls suggest?

    Hi guys, I am due to give a seminar soon at my college and I would love for it to be related to MEMS. I have a liking for MEMS so I am hoping to use this seminar opportunity to learn something on it.. Can you please suggest anything exciting in MEMS, an upcoming trend perhaps... Thanks for...
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    What are the main specifications to consider while deciding

    I need a motor on which I intend to place a plate of 3 kg to rotate it... Keeping this in mind what are the specifications that I should look for in my motor? I come across things like holding torque when I see motor specifications but I cant imply it's significance... Can you please help me...
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    Vhdl model for L293D?

    Hey guys, I am using Multisim 10 for my schematic design. I need a driver for my DC motor but I see that MS10 does not have a component for L293D While creating this component I want to have it for both Simulation and Layout.. Can someone pls tell me where I can find the VHDL model for this...
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    How does a ramp generator work?

    I need to know the basics of ramp generator... can you also suggest links where I can read up on them.. thanks for your help...
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    Datasheet for this motor?...pls its urgent!!

    Hey guys, I need the datasheet for this particular stepper motor : "KP39HM2-SO7A" from Japan Servo Co Ltd... Can you please tell me where I can find it..thanks...
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    need to build a low-cost carousel... pls suggest...

    I am looking to build a carousel-like structure, on which i intend to place beakers(approx 6)... I need to design this structure in such a way that I should be able to control the rotation of this carousel by accurate amounts. I am quite certain this would involve a stepper motor but am not sure...

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