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    Alternate option for multidrop network like RS485

    Could be SNAP ? It's media independent. Can be used peer-to-peer or master-slave. h--p://---.hth.com/snap/ And free. Regards,
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    1000BaseFX to 100BaseFX connection possible?

    Fiber switches works at one speed only. You can't connect a Fiber Gigabit port on a switch to a 100FX switch port on another. To connect them, you could use: 100FX to 10/100 Base T RJ45 converter and A small 10/100 Base T switch with Fiber Gigabit port included
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    SAS protocol in slot machines ?

    sas protocol Anybody has technical information on SAS protocol used on IGT's slot machines ? I couldn't find any tech. information on SAS ( Slot Accounting Software). It is a serial communication protocol used on slot machines to send accounting information to a central host. Regards, cent
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    Metal Sunt Resistor - Wich material?

    Nickel-Chrome Alloys have high Temp coeff and aren't easy solderable. For shunts with hi-stability you need Manganina, Constantan or Advance alloys. Regards, cent
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    89s52 program using serial port

    at89isp I use PonyProg adapter and software for AT89S micro. www.lancos.com/prog.html Adapter described on: AVR ISP (STK200/300) parallel port interface Please note that adapter is AT89S compatible. Regards, 8O
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    Req: simple frequency counter project

    https://www.alternatezone.com/electronics/freq.htm It's a 6 digits frequency counter. Up to 40 Mhz. Schematics and PCB included :D
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    looking for an inductor...

    Look at: www.digikey.com They sell a lot of components ( SMD coil/inductors too ) Full catalog, including specs and prices Regards, cent
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    TCP/IP DOS boot disk - any ideas?

    Go to: https://www.redoak.co.uk/hpdload.html It could be useful. Not exactly what you need, but near. It works Regards, cent
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    Current measurement Shunt

    Hi, Nichrome is used for Power resistors or Toasters. Bad as a shunt. It has a high temp coefficient. Constantan is better. It's a classic alloy for shunts. But 5A is not so high. Why don't use several low tempco standard resistors in parallel instead of building a custom one ? Regards, cent
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    How to design two serial ports on the 8051?

    a) Read Atmel Application Note ANM055 to get a second Async Interface on 80C51 b) Or use a 8051 with two serial ports. ( Dallas - MAXIM) c) If you use an external UART, you will waste a lot of I/O pins. d) Another option, but I don't test it yet: An Atmel 89S8252 has an SPI interface. You can...
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    What is the GDSII flow in ASIC design?

    gdsii.pdf GDS II is a format used on IC masks generation. It was developed by Calma several years ago. You can read more about this on VLSI Design Books. You can read: https://www.rulabinsky.com/cavd/text/chapc.html Regards,
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    Need schematic of Atmel SPI programmer

    atmel spi 1- Go to Ponyprog: www.Lancos.com/prog.html 2- Download software 3- Build the AVR ISP parallel port interfase described there. You can also use it for Atmel AT 89S. Please, read help file ( AT 89S needs to configure " invert reset" on programming software) Regards,
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    Help:Inductance measurement ckt needed

    Nice LC measurement circuit using 8031-like uP at: https://www.hw.cz/constrc/lc_metr/ Similar LC meter using PIC at: **broken link removed** Regards,
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    Looking for bar code schematics

    barcode schematics A simple barcode scanner description can be found at: https://www.inchlab.com/barcode_scanner.htm Regards,

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