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  1. Topper

    ATMEGA 169 Evaluation board

    atmega48 eval board Hi. Atmel has made the "butterfly" it uses the ATMega 169V chip also you hav e display, joystick, Tempsensor, RTC, Pizo speaker. Great for eval.
  2. Topper

    Help me design a 8051 webserver with dial-up

    Re: Dial Up - 8051 Webserver Hi. Well it's an interresting project. Do you plan to have the 8051 do all the modem / TCP stuff or have you considered external comps. If you deside to have external comps Connect One has somthing called iChip which you should take a look at. (CO561AD-S) Regards...
  3. Topper

    Xilinx FPGA library for Eagle

    eagle xilinx On cadsoft's homepage you can download some Xilinx lib. Home page : www.cadsoft.de If the file is a *.lib file you just copy it in to the Lib dir. on you're instalation path. If the file is a *.scr meaning a script file it's a bit different, you open a new library file for editing...
  4. Topper

    Where can I get a free 8031 simulator?

    8031 simulator free Hi. Personally I use Jsim as an 8051 simulator. together with SDCC C Compiler and JFE editor it's realy a great set of freeware tools. Both JFE and Jsim can be found at https://home.t-online.de/home/Jens.Altmann Topper
  5. Topper

    Implementing PPP connection on 8051

    ppp 8051 I'm working on a webserver based on a 89c51RD2 and W3100 from Wiznet (https://www.wiznet.co.kr/e_iinchip/index_e.htm) The W3100 module will handle all tcp/ip udp protocol stack which gives the poor 89c51 a chance to cope with other things like http and so. I have also seen this done...
  6. Topper

    Interface Wiznet Internet module to a 8051

    Hi. Has anybody tryed to interface the IIM7010A to a standard 8051. Topper
  7. Topper

    How to perform copy paste in Eagle Layout 4.09r2

    Hi. In Eagle it's cut and paste ! Select the comps or group of comps you want to copy, then you use cut. Use paste to insert the comps again. Notice that Eagle unlike other programs don't delete the comps you cut....! Topper
  8. Topper

    PCB prototype manufacturer

    pcb sps.bg Also take a look at https://www.olimex.com/pcb/index.html Double side EURO for just 26$ Topper
  9. Topper

    Which Micro i should use for my project and in future.

    Hi tobb Try have a look at TINI it's build around a fast mcs51 core (DS80C400) and have a nice Java engine and some standard IO like I2C 1 Wire and CAN but most importante a LAN interface. Have a look here https://www.ibutton.com/TINI/index.html Topper
  10. Topper

    If anybody need help in EAGLE, ask me in this POST !

    eagle load error 293 Hi mastorrage. First it's just a warning, so you can chose to ignore it. Else I see to options. 1. Connect Vcc and Vdd with a 0 Ohm resistor. 2. Create you're own component to connect the two power net's, in pratice just a connection, but hidden in a component. Topper :-)
  11. Topper

    i2c libraries for keil ??

    Re: i2c libraries for ke*il ?? Hi indynetra I think you'll find all you need here. https://www.c51.de/c51.de/Dateien/uVision2DLLs.php3?Spr=EN Topper
  12. Topper

    Problems with Eagle Autorouting

    auto routing in eagle Hi Ludvig. I'll post here instead of PM you because this migth be of common intrest. I loaded you're design and found that you had used the wire command (in layer 19) to create the airwire net. This is wrong, the wire command is for manually routing between the IC's...
  13. Topper

    Problems with Eagle Autorouting

    eagle auto routing Hi Ludvig. I'll give this a go. what kind of package is the IC's. smd's or pin thru ?. If they are smd you migth have to reduce the routing grid, Eagle sets 50mil as standard but this is almost imposible to route in with smd's, try reducing to 25mil or perhaps 12.5mil. Also...
  14. Topper

    If anybody need help in EAGLE, ask me in this POST !

    eagle cad db9 male Hi Again. Solved the problem. :idea: You place the coil (named RL1) in sheet 1. Then you go to sheet 2 and TYPE 'INVOKE RL1' after this you select the switch and place it. Simple ... stupid me :oops:
  15. Topper

    If anybody need help in EAGLE, ask me in this POST !

    autoplace.ulp Hi SynTaXer. I have one for you. How do you place one part of a device in one sheet and the rest in another. eg. a relay where you want the coil in one sheet and the switch in sheet 2 ?? :cry:

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