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  1. noobler

    [No title]

    Laser Soldering: minimum hole applicable and depth? :arrow: Hi guys, I need to ensure that the press fit pins are very stable by applying solder to it and the best method I can think of is laser soldering after SMT + Press-fitting the connector. Unfortunately the hole diameter is 0.3mm and...
  2. noobler

    What is Rated P1dB? And how is it calculated?

    Also what is Rated Input Power? Any formulas to get these?
  3. noobler

    Is it safe to put RF cable in-between 150W 30db Attenuator and DUT output?

    Hi forumers, I have an upconverter module rated 60W with gain of ~40dBm. I am currently connecting the 30dB 150W attenuator directly to the output port (N-type). I am planning to put the attenuator inside a testbox, so I will be using a test cable to connect the DUT. Is it safe to do so? Thanks...
  4. noobler

    Help to find third party programmer kit

    :!: Hi guys and gals, Please help to find the appropriate and cheap third party programmer for CY22381FXI PLL. Thanks for your help!
  5. noobler

    Still on the difference between RoHS and Pb-free

    www .edaboard.com/thread114247.html Is there a new standard on this or is it the same old one? Still confuses me.. 8O lol thanks guys
  6. noobler

    Scalar Network Analyzer question: Cable requirement

    My measurement is in Ka band. Should I use a Ka band cable from SNA RF out to RF in of the directional bridge? I know its a bit expensive but is it a requirement? Thanks in advance. :wink:
  7. noobler

    Channel Power Measurement: Spectrum Analyzer vs RF Power Meter?

    How to make accurate channel power measurement (in my case using 8563E). I am seeing differences when using power meter. Using spectrum analyzer, the difference is also significant when CW is on and off from source (around 2dBm). Thanks guys.
  8. noobler

    List of PCA components not safe for water soluble

    Hello again, another question for you guys, thanks in advance. Can you help enumerate the components which are not safe for water soluble cleaning?
  9. noobler

    MER capable signal generator

    Hi, anybody can advise an MER capable sig gen, in IF levels only; and is it possible to have it as simple and cheap as possible? (like a single pwa 2-tone siggen, but this time, MER capable). Thanks! :-|
  10. noobler

    Common PCB Engineering Questions and Answers

    Hi guys, I am more of a test guy and handling engineering questions from a PCB vendor is something new to me. Can anyone direct to a general guide about PCB manufacturing standards or checklist or a book to start from? Thanks!
  11. noobler

    simple DAQ: digital input receiving a 0 V or 5 V signal from a switch

    Hi guys and gals, Any suggestion on a simple data acq, say 8-port, to receive 0V - 5V from a manual switch, that can also interface with RS232 or USB? Is it possible to make without using mcu? Thanks! ;-)
  12. noobler


    hi guys, need a cheap nut driver for long SMA bulkhead panel connectors. thanks like this: 811262-2
  13. noobler

    [SOLVED] Keithley 237 Sweep operation complete Query

    Hi Guys, Anyone here had programmed the old Keithley 237 before? The SRQ can be executed and read using HP Basic but I need to code it in VB6. Thanks!
  14. noobler

    [SOLVED] Diode Reverse Bias Current

    noob question: I tested a diode fwd bias circuit measuring 12mA. When I applied negative voltage, I am expecting a very small I reading. The source meter can be set to negative voltage. Why am I seeing a negative current value? If I tried to swap polarity of voltage (and sourcemeter set to +V)...

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