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    can i generate hex file from c source code using AVR studio ?

    can i generate hex file from c source code using AVR studio ? pls help guys............ i want to use attiny series.
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    Popular engineering societies

    which are the most Popular engineering societies ? i think ieee is the most famous.
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    VB help needed database

    please help me to connect the database like access,excel in VB6...... please mention how to read write create these databases i only have basic knowlege f you can please also mention how to controll parallel port using vb6.. thank you...
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    Interesting circuit......... pls Help

    i know how this first section amplifier working.In the second section i have a doubt in the negative cycle how is this going to work ?
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    BEST Electronic magazine and Websites.......

    guys pls suggest best electronic magazines in the world ? i also want to know which are best electronic magazines available in india ? i know efy , elektor are the best in india ( digit is also good but it don't cover the hardware electronics ) in the world i thing circuit cellar...
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    Most indusrialy used microcontroller

    hey guys which is the most industrially used microcontroller ? in student projects i thing pic will be the no.1 but in industry ??? pls help...........

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