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  1. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] SG3525 Low output voltage

    Hi everyone, can someone help me?, I am using SG3525 for my Push Pull inverter design but each time I design it I get voltage not up to 220v, maybe 201v even if I had Feedback to My circut. Can anyone tell me the Adjustment I to do to get a voltage of 250v without Feedback. Thanks
  2. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] Cellphone detector circuit problem

    Hey guys I have seen a lot of circuit diagram online but the problem is that its not working very well. Can someone suggest me a better idea or circuit. Thanks
  3. Pulsetronics

    Big LED segment display module

    please can anyone suggest me where i can get a company where i can get a big segment display from?
  4. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] SIM908 GPS GooGle Map

    Hi Guys, I tried connecting my Latitude and Longitude data from Sim908 and Microcontroller to Google map but not getting a good link for my Project. Can anyone suggest me a Google map link?
  5. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] Microcontroller Power Supply(5v 3A)

    Hey guys I just Finished designing a 96x8 dot matrix using Pic microcontroller and shift register using power supply from 7805 as regulator for both, the brightness is very low, my question can I drive my microcontroller and shift register directly from my SMPS of 5v 3A.
  6. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] SIM908 Problem urgent solution needed!!!

    Hey Guys, whenever I enter commands like AT, ATE0, AT+CMGF, it response well (OK) but whenever I enter commands like AT+CMGR , AT+CLIP and more the module returns ERROR, what is Happening?
  7. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] Arduino uno gprs shield help!!!!

    The PWR LEd and Net Led constantly turn on when power on from the 5v 3A Power jack. Not showing status signals on led. Has anyone used this module before(GPRS Shield Arduino UNO)... Pls any suggestion is welcomed. Thanks
  8. Pulsetronics

    Best Software for Designing my Project

    Which is the Best software to use when designing a Multi user in human computer interaction intelligence system in the area of medicine?
  9. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] Oscilloscope Using Microphone in PROTEUS

    Hey Guys, Please am trying to measure Frequency from Real World using the Audio jack of my Laptop as input signals for Proteus MicroPhone to be fed to the oscilloscope on Virtual Instrument. I really wants to know if I can measure both AC and DC Frequency with it. Secondly will it Damage my...
  10. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] PWM for currrent and voltage control

    Hi Guys, I want to vary the charging current of my Battery charger from 5A - 30A. I have knowledge on PWM but I need more explanation on how to use it to control current via microcontroller. My battery charger system uses a 1000W 12v Transformer with mosfet as rectifier. How can I vary my...
  11. Pulsetronics

    AC voltage Measurement Problem

    I tried measuring AC voltage using Potential transformer of 6v output and rectified before passing through a capacitor 1uf 50v and voltage Divider (390k and 10k) then to adc pin , the voltage at ADC pin is stable but the voltage at the output varies. // using mikroC as compiler Float i...
  12. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] SPWM inverter Using PIC16F876A

    Hi Guys, I just completed my Push pull modified sine wave inverter, Now I want to design another one using H-bridge mosfet connection, Am a novice on how to write the code. I write Both in C and Asm. Waiting for reply. Thanks

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