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  1. kanni1303

    What kind of chip is used in my circuit board?

    Instead of replacing chip, better replace the board itself, ex-https://hacktronics.co.in/music-tone-generator/px088a-children-music-chip-9300-line-long-ringing-music-ic
  2. kanni1303

    CT Connector Self Short

    I understand, but I need to know type of the connector to search and espeacially whether this type connector exists. Specifications as : Right Angle, 10A, 230V (size doesn't matter but should not be greater than 5.08 pitch)
  3. kanni1303

    CT Connector Self Short

    Hi All, Help me in choosing CT Connector that auto shorts on removal. The secondary terminal of CT should always be short, since we are connecting two meters in one line. very often if we remove CT in one meter then it gets open. Hence needed the connector plug that auto shorts on removal...
  4. kanni1303

    Variable PWM on multiple GPIO

    Hi all, I want to generate variable PWM (to blink LED fade in and fade out) on multiple GPIO pins. With this I could able to get, but the signal generated is sequential. Like A -> B -> C -> D. I want all these should go in parallel. I know that if I use PWM then I can get it. But my...
  5. kanni1303

    [SOLVED] Mplab APP Training folder

    Hi all, I installed Mplab Harmony 1.08, to follow this https://microchipdeveloper.com/harmony:audio-player-lab1 tutorial But I can't find the folder "apps/training/middleware/audio_player/audio_player_lab1/dev_files" also searched for these files...
  6. kanni1303

    Physical and Virtual Address during debugging

    You didn't understood my question, I asked for why during debugging watch could able to read the memory value but controller not able to do?
  7. kanni1303

    read back the complete program of main

    simply capturing instructions means nothing. for your case if you want to jump from one memory to other and execute from there you can uses something like this void (*fptr)(void); fptr = (void (*)(void))YOUR_VIRTUAL_ADDRESS; fptr(); If you want to capture main(), then you can pointer to...
  8. kanni1303

    Physical and Virtual Address during debugging

    Hi, I came across a problem today here is my code #define NVMEM_ADDRS_PHY 0x1D07000 //Physical address #define NVMEM_ADDRS_VIR 0xBD07000 //Virtual address DWORD Flashval; DWORD *Flashptr; //Working to read the value Flashptr= (DWORD *) NVMEM_ADDRS_VIR; Flashval = (DWORD)...
  9. kanni1303

    [SOLVED] Jumping to an erased location

    I think it should be address error trap, since the handler for this exception is reset. They are using this to jump from application to bootloader. So for micro PIC we can't use the same technique to jump. Thank you guys
  10. kanni1303

    [SOLVED] Jumping to an erased location

    Hi, I came across this following code, and my understanding from it as, the particular memory is erased and the same address is pointed by a function. Using this function pointer the address is invoked. my questions is what will the behavior is accessing or jumping to an erased memory, most...
  11. kanni1303

    Status of AC appliances

    Ok thanks for your input I will check and get back
  12. kanni1303

    Status of AC appliances

    with simple resitor I could read the voltage. But how can I connect to my Controller, I don't think there is Isolator works on input AC and Output DC can you elaborate?
  13. kanni1303

    Status of AC appliances

    Hi, I need to read the status of the AC appliance (FAN, Light etc) how to read in Digital (On or OFF) is there any sensor to read AC switch status.
  14. kanni1303

    [PIC] Pic16f690 interfacing with two 7-segment, using a 7447 delay with timer 0

    Re: Pic16f690 interfacing wih two 7 segment using 7447 delay using timer 0 double click on the PIC then properties dialogue box will open, under Program Configuration Word type the required config word. I tested your code in program itself with following configuration and it was working, either...
  15. kanni1303

    [PIC] Pic16f690 interfacing with two 7-segment, using a 7447 delay with timer 0

    Re: Pic16f690 interfacing wih two 7 segment using 7447 delay using timer 0 Are you want to use a counter...??? then what is the use of RB7 in program and circuit. Also your code seems to be good, but what about the configuration bits you used...??? In proteus have you set the configuration bits...
  16. kanni1303

    [SOLVED] How to count key press

    For pic16f84a use RA4 pin configured as counter. 1.Set the bit T0CS to operate the TImer0 in counter mode 2. TMR0 will have the number of times keys pressed additionaly you can enable Interrupt using GIE EEIE T0IE and T0IF if your counter value overflows Refer to section 5.0 Timer0 module...
  17. kanni1303

    [SOLVED] How to count key press

    If you want to know the exact number of times key pressed (not press and hold), go for counter. Configure your counter pin and connect to the switch, in this way you could read exact number of time. If go for normal GPIO then you may miss to count multiple times when key is pressed and hold.
  18. kanni1303

    [SOLVED] What to use Xamarin or Android Studio for Andriod application basied on Embedded

    I would suggest you to https://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/ which uses very basic programming and very simple also.
  19. kanni1303

    Reading two switches at a time from pic16f877a

    You can also use this if two pins are used. TRISB1 = 1; TRISB2 = 1; if( (RB1>0) && (RB2>0) ) { //do something } Reed switch is also a normal switch with digital output open or close, but operated with help of magnet, you can also use Interrupts if required,
  20. kanni1303

    [PIC] Interrupt problem with pic16f690

    ALso kindly note Your ISR should be somethinig like this void interrupt isr() { if(INT){ //do something } }

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