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    need guidance- circuit for the doide in doble balanced mixer

    Doide for Mixer Hello Any body know, How can I do the macting circuit for the Doide in doble balnced Mixer
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    HFSS - computation at simulation result graphs

    HFSS How Can I write equestion by HFSS? For example I want to sustract one graph from other graph that obtained from the simulation resuts. exaple I want to sustract the phase of S11 from the phase of S21
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    Can I do an sprial antenna array by HFSS?

    sprial antenna array Can I do an sprial antenna array by HFSS? I would like to know How can I do the feeding? Any idea plz. help
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    Desigin Coxial Cable by HFss

    I am doing microstrip patch anteena using HFSS but I want to feed my antenna by coaxial cable but I do not know how should I do. thanks in advanced

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