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    Place a Component to the mouse location?

    Hi all, What is Shortcut key for place a component to a mouse pointer location? Thanks
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    Altium User please help!!1

    I am using Altium Ver.10.391. I want to change all of my TO-90A Thru hole to SOT89L SMD. I got message : " cannot match pads with new footprint". What can I do to replace them? Thanks DV
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    Creating Split Planes PADS Help!!

    I am using PAD 9.3. and try following the tutor to do a split plan. After selected Board Outline and convert it to plan area. And then use auto Plan separate-Set Grid 25 mils. after draw around the plan area, PADS give me a message: All Corners must be within the plane are polygon.. What can I...
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    Manual Rout with Orcad layout plus 15.5????

    Hi all, I have a component CS144 with 144 pin, and there are 29 of them in board. How can I just manual rout (Fan out) one chip and copy and paste them over 28 remaining chip? Please help DV
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    How to convert from PADS to ORCAD LAYOUT?

    Is any one could give me a hint How to convert layout from PADS to ORCAD? Thanks a mile. DV
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    How to convert Tango file

    convert tango pcb sch I have some file under Tango Schematic and layout. How to convert them to one of newer software (Protel, Cadence....)? Thanks Dovo
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    Parallel Port Simulation ..

    parallel port simulator Hi all, I just buy a Laptop (Toshiba Satelite p35) that does not have any Parallel Port (Just usb). I need to install Genesis that need to have dongle driver install. This software required Parallel port . What do I need to do?. Could we install any Parallel port...
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    how to make silicone rubber heater

    Is any one in Heater profession plese give me some information about how to make silicone rubber heater. Thank you DV
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    CAM350 V.8 USERS - shortcut key A

    CAM350 V.8 USERS !!!!! Hi guy, Is any body try the shortcut key " A " in your CAM350 V.8 yet? Shortcut key " A " is for aperture list but my does not work. Shortcut key " A " in edit menu is for selected all element, but my does not work. How about you? Please let me know. Thank you DV
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    Globally change object with Protel DXP

    p*otel dxp Hi guy, How to change globally the object in Protel DXP. Let say I would like to change all of letter font size of Silkscreen Layer from 70mil to 60mil. With Protel 99 I just click on that object and click on Global. How do we do it with DXP? Thank you DV

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