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    looking for the input impedance of antenna in HFSS

    Hi, everybody, I have a question to ask, When simulating an antenna , does HFSS calculate its input impedance? where can I find the input impedance under a certain frequency in HFSS? Thanks a lot
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    Ask for help: An electrically small antenna

    electrically small structure Recently, I engaged in designing an electrically small antenna with input impedance of 50Ω and the working frequency is 30MHz. The length of the antenna is expected to be about 30cm, I tried TEM horn but found the S11 is too poor. Is there anybody who can provide...
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    An electrically small antenna

    Would anybody provides me an electrically small antenna with input impedance of 50Ω? Thanks a lot.
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    An electrically small antenna?

    Would anybody provide me an electrically small antenna with input impedance of 50Ω? Thank you very much!
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    Antenna excitation in HFSS

    Hi, everyone, I'm confused by a problem these days and I hope that you can help me. I want to investigate the return loss of a TEM horn by using HFSS, while the impedance of the feeding line is supposed to be 50Ω. Do I need to describe the concrete feeding structure in HFSS when doing...

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