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    what is the parasitical parameter of the AWG18 wire?

    awg 18 wire During my design , I need to build up the long wire model which need the parasitical parameter (such as conductance ,resistoance, inductance,capacitance) of the AWG18 wire. however, I can not find it, who has it ? would you please share the data ? Many many thanks.
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    transformer design, howto

    Any resources or PDFs is great helpful . i just need to finish a disign concerning flyback DC-DC . Thanks.
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    24V to 5V@2A Buck solution or Controller IC ,which is bette?

    5v 2a buck Requirement is "Cost" and "Efficient" . Here I select : LM25576 , MIC4576 , LT1766 .etc , However, could you tell me which one (or others) is more cheap and more efficient ? Thanks very much.
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    which MCU has better anti-vibrancy performance ? thx

    which MCU has better anti-vibrancy performance ? and which package has better anti-vibrancy ? Thanks.
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    what is capacitive loads ?

    what is capacitive loads ? what is inductive loads ? what is resistor loads ? Thanks.
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    when does BAV70_BAV56_BAV99 should be used ?

    The datasheet tell me that BAV70 is a dual-diode , but why and when should use dual-diode ? If I can use IN4148 , why need to use BAV70 ?? THAT is the question. Thanks for your answer.
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    How to deal with 24v->3.3V LDO circuit?

    24v to 3.3v How to deal with 24v->3.3V LDO circuit? ------------------------ Goal : input : +24V~~+30V output: 3.3V , 80mA ------------------------ I plan to use "LM317" . If I input the 24V directly to LM317's input, then the efficiency is too low ( efficiency = Vout/vin = 3.3/24...
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    what is result if analog input of A/D is bigger than Vref?

    what is the output of MAX1036(ADC), if the analog input of ADC is bigger than its Vref? A/D is MAX1036 if analog input is 4.096V , then it will output "11111111" , Then if analog input is 4.5V , MAX1036 will output what ? "11111111" still ??? (Note :Vcc = 5.0V ) Thanks.
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    Can anybody tell me how to understand the following circuit

    Where Q is a generic NPN transistor, such as BC817 . So what is the voltage of point "YYY" , if Vin = 40V ? and what is the voltage of point "YYY" , if Vin = 20V ? how to understand the circuit ? when Q isin state of saturation ? Thanks!!!
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    Can msp430x22x4 work correctly without any crystal outside ?

    slaa074 I have read the document of SLAA074 from TI. but still cannot know weather msp430x22x4 work correctly without any crystal outside. and what means "line frequency" ? Thanks!
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    help! how to achieve KVMswitches in VHDL??

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    Help!! In need of PS/2 VHDL source ! thanks!

    I am in need of source code of VHDL OF -- PS/2 and RS232 --Protocal!! if you have it ,or you know how to program it in vhdl , please help me!:| thank you very much!:D
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    how to connect IDE hard disk to C6000's EMIF?

    may anybody kindly tell me how to do it? what is the schematic or tell me how to do so , I am in need of it , so Please, Thanks!!!:|
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    how to use BUFGDLL of Xilinx FPGA? help!!!

    bufgdll how to use bufgdll of Spartan2 fpga ? my design includes a Top module which will call some small module and some other modules. when i use u1: bufgdll(clk_in,clk) ; there errors !!! how to use BUFGDLL ? thanks!
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    who may tell me what is the diffence between dsp and fpga ?

    that is what is the advantages of fpga and why I need fpga from XILINX OR ALTERA instead of DSP from TI ? thanks!!
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    [ZUSB]not download program to AN2131Q!!!?? help!!

    PC can detect that the VID / PID of AN2131Q , but can not download program by "KEIL C"or "EZ-USB Control Panel" , what may be the problem ? how to deal with it ????????? please help me!!! Very Very thanks!!!
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    Can not Download by Jtag!!!! IMPact hint that...

    " ERROR:iMPACT:583 - '1': The idcode read from the device does not match the idcode in the bsdl File. INFO:iMPACT:1578 - '1': Device IDCODE : 00000000000000000000000000000000 INFO:iMPACT:1579 - '1': Expected IDCODE: 000011000010100000010010011 " How to deal with this error...
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    Why iMPact detect a xcv100 while actually it is a xc2s100 ??

    HELP !!! why ? I know that spartan2 is made on the base of virtex, however In this condition , may xc2s100 work ? thanks!!!
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    who may kindly offer a VHDL source used for debouncing ?!

    Thanks a lot and a lot of thanks!! :)
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    May FIFO be read and writen simultaneously ?

    FIFO was made by BlockRAM out of Spartan2 (xilinx) , may this FIFO be read and be writen at the same time ? thanks.

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