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    What is the difference and relationship of FDC and FAT interface of MPEG signals?

    What is the difference and relationship of FDC and FAT interface of MPEG signals ? Does anyone has hints about these two mpeg interface ? Thank you.
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    digital linkwitz-riley filter

    linkwitz=riley How to design digital linkwitz-riley filter in audio crossover ? Does anyone have related paper or book about this? Thanks. cac
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    About MAC table maintenance in SDS9100i

    About MAC table zoovy, I knew your idea about E1 to ethernet rate adaptation . I read SDS9100i datasheet and found it used some rate adaptation methods . Do you think it is REM or WRED? Another qusetion, Why this device keep a MAC address table inside. Do you think it is needed ? In my...
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    I have gone to raycom website.

    It seems RC7210 is a good chip of Ethenet to 4*E1 bridges. BUt I can't download its datasheet. :( But I still have a questions to my_garden and other people: when I make an ethernet to E1 bridge, do I have to unpack IP packets? My original thoughts is I can only deal with Ethernet frame and...

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