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    How to change clock frequency in CodeVisionAVR

    While creating codevisionavr project uC clock frequency is configured. How we can change this frequency in .c/.h file without creating new project. I have C program which is created for 16MHz frequency if I run it with 8MHz then I won't get proper serial output also delay function won't work...
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    Link to a tutorial for Eagle software

    Re: eagle software Here is link to video tutorials from RPC Tutorial: Design PCB using Eagle « Ashish speaks
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    Command Line Interface (CLI) using C

    Hi, I want to create command Line Interface to microcontroller. Can somebody help me with simple sample code? Regards, Ashish
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    final year project ideas telecom h**p://ashishd.wordpress.com/2008/03/01/tachometer-using-avr-atmega16/
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    Please shed some light on "Post Silicon Validation&quot

    Re: Please shed some light on "Post Silicon Validation& Post silicon means real time testing of silicon. B4 silicon tapeout u run test cases on simulator/RTL and validate chip. But it may happen when chip arrives it may have some integration issues also it take long time to run simulation tests...
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    Tachometer using AVR Atmega16

    avr tachometer h**p://ashishd.wordpress.com/2008/03/01/tachometer-using-avr-atmega16/
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    Microcontroller Programming Tutorials for Newbie

    tutorial bahasa c untuk microcontroller Some cool tutorials on AVr microcontroller h**p://elecrom.wordpress.com/2007/10/21/tut1-introduction-to-avr/ h**p://elecrom.wordpress.com/2008/02/12/avr-tutorial-2-avr-input-output/ Make your own, ultra simple, universal AVR programmer !! -->...
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    Which Microcontroller Do You Use?

    how can i use a microcontroller? I prefer ATMEL. Not just because of its simple architecture but because of its tool. I used Codevision AVR cross compiler. Here are some cool tutorials. h**p://elecrom.wordpress.com/2007/10/21/tut1-introduction-to-avr/...
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    ATMEGA16 Based Tacho meter

    rpm meter using atmega16 ATMEGA16 Based Tacho meter Feature -Measures RPM speed without physical connection with Motor/Shaft -Measure RPM Speed upto 90K -No Meachanical Part hence low mntnc -Low cost (Less than Rs 500) -16x2 LCD for display...
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    Message is unavailable.
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    c book and compiler for avr

    CodeVision AVR is really cool c compiler for AVR MC. I am using it from last 3 yrs. U will get ready made C function for delay LCD, I2C. Also u can perform all mathematical calculations (Including tri,log, exp).
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    Looking for CMOS cell design

    If NEbody is having "Basics of CMOS CELL design" by Etienne Sicard and Sonia Bendhia (pdf version) Plz share it.
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    Suggest me gud backend tool

    Can NEbody plz suggest me gud backend tool for analog design which is easily available?

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