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    high voltage switching using IGBTs or Transistors

    hi.. im woking on the design and fabrication of a dc to ac inverter without using a transformer.the design involves first steping up the dc input to a high dc output.this output is switched using a bridge inverter to produce a square wave ac. A voltage has to be provided at the gate of the IGBTs...
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    biquad filter...!!! kindly help

    biquad filter I have an FRS demo model,..on receiver side there is decimation and filtering , for that Direct Form 2 SOS filters have been used, i am unable to understand its working :( and after decimation , channelizer block with IIR biquad filters is used...these models are in made Simulink...
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    FM demodulator model in system generator for DSP

    fpga system generator model fm demodulator Can anybody kindly refer me, or upload an FM demodulator model in system generator for DSP..kindly help....thanks in advance
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    getting FM IF from IC - direct soldering of wire to pin?

    getting FM IF from IC i want to take FM IF from FM radio IC ,....should i directly solder wire to pin giving FM IF out ,...or there should be some other method? please help
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    can we receive regular AM broadcast....

    can we receive regular AM broadcast transmission with a DRM receiver? or DRM has its separate broadcast?... I am unable to understand it...kindly help
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    DRM receiver schematic needed...

    drm receiver schematic can anybody kindly give me working DRM receiver schematic...i want to make my own ...thanx
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    RF frond end for SDR kits ADC/DAC module - is it possible?

    sdr programs if 12khz Can i use IC radio's FM/AM IF stage signal to input in lyrtech SDR kits ADC/DAC module :o.... iz it possible?
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    How to make a Tayloe detector?

    has anybody tried making a tayloe detector? single and double balanced
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    source code for ROCKY...

    sdr rocky source can anybode give me link for the source code of freeware software, ROCKY (SDR)
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    simulink models for demodulation

    fm demodulation simulink Can anybody kindly provide me the links or upload simulink models for AM/FM demodulation. Thanks in advance
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    Radio circuitary - conventional circuitary for DSP?

    Radio circuitary I was wondering, Is it possible to use the conventional commercial ic based radio receiver circuitary for analog signal input to PC, (soundcard) for DSP?
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    can anybody provide me with anoloag AM recording???

    Hi,...i am working on an SDR project ,...i need the AM recorded files for signal processing, (demodulation) ....can anybody give me some link to get them (with the frequency indicated)
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    hardware for RF signal downconversion

    my project is to make a PC based FM/AM receiver using PCs soundcard as A/D and D/A converter.... First i have to downconvert the RF signal for input to soundcard.... Can anybody please suggest me the corresponding steps and hardware if i use some downconverter... I dont know which downconverter...
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    what hardware!!!! please help

    Hi, my name is Umair , I m doing my project related to SDR. It is making an PC based FM receiver using soundcard as ADC. I am in my initial days of project. The problem that i am coming across is the RF part. What hardware should i use to get the required signal for signal processing. If i use...
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    how to input I/Q signal to soundcard for DSP

    i/q signal i am currently studying for my project ,ie to make a fm receiver using PCs soundcard ... as we can demodulate signal with relative ease converting it to I/Q ...the problem is how can i input 2 signals which are "I" and "Q" to one mic input....or is there other way ?? my notebooks...
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    Fm demodulator code for PC based receiver (SDR)

    hii,....i m doin a project ,..a part of it consists of real time FM signal demodulation...can anyone plz guide me regarding it ..and please if anybody have code for it kindly post it for me...thnx in advance.

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