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    How to evaluate the performance of TDC?

    Hi everyone, I've just finished design TDC. I check each output code in very small period of time to find out it is correct or not, surely that is not the way, but I don't know what's the best way to evaluate the performance of my design. Could you please give me any suggestions about evaluate...
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    Error: Internal Error: code [1003] in new analysis.

    Hi everyone, I simulated my circuit using Hspice and I got the error "Error: Internal Error: code [1003] in new analysis." The problem is I run 2 simulation, one-ckt1 can be finished and another-ckt2 got that error, and I tried to simulate ckt2 again, but it still was error. I really don't...
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    Question's about the average energy in capacitor switching procedure SAR ADC.

    Hi, I read the paper:" A 10-bit 50-MS/s SAR ADC with a monotonic capacitor switching procedure" and i do not understand how the authors get the average energy in picture (a): At the first conversion, why the energy is C*Vref^2 and 5*C*Vref^2, and so on...:?: :-? Any ones can point me about...
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    Off signal for shutdown LDO IC.

    Hi! Can somebody help me! I am newbie on analog ic design. I have a problem with off-signal to shutdown the LDO circuit. In my circuit, I think when Voff is high, then the transistor XM18 and XM19 is ON, then all other transistors is OFF, then the Vout should be 0V. But when i simulation, all...
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    Problem with Doppler effect.

    Hi! Can somebody help me! I am learning about Doppler effect, but i do not understand the doppler effect on the land and underwater is the same or different? Suppose that i want to using the doppler effect to estimate the velocity of an object such as car and submarine. :?: Thanks!

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