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    Discrete Cosine Transform

    Hi all, I have tried to implement fast DCT and fast IDCT in C by using separable property and taking 8X8 block at a time of an image. But results are a little bit strange. I see verticle and horizntal lines throughout the image. these lines seems to be obvious from the fact that I am taking one...
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    Filtering waveform using matlab

    Filtering using matlab Hi all, I have a waveform as shown below, I have clearly mentioned in this waveform the imformation which is neccessary for me. Now I want to remove all other noise and wish to see only these sharp pulses without noise.The data is available with me and I want to use...
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    Need documents on digital timing concepts

    Digital Timing Concepts Hi all, Could any one suggest me book or www link to understand the timing concepts related to digital system design(synchronous, asynchronous etc) , specifically those concepts which we do normally face while designing FPGA based systems. thanks and regards,
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    Timing Constraints in synthesis

    Hi all, I am working xilinx's tools ISE 6.1, I have simulated various VHDL codes using ModelSim and Aldec simulator. I have successfully synthesised them too with ISE but I dont know about timing constraints, could anybody refer me tutorial on it and associated terms like : clock to pad and pad...
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    Whats Embedded Development Kit (Xilinx) ???

    Hi all Can anybody tell me or give reference to the site which can describe the capabilities of Embedded development kit from Xilinx which used with Virtex 4 and Virtex 2 Pro ( ie basically PowerPC based FPGAs)? Please note that I have seen various tutorials which deals with the implementation...
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    How to sense both falling and rising edges of a signal?

    irq_falling Hi all, I wish to sense both the falling and rising edges of the a signal for two different purposes, but everytime i do so i get a bad synchronous error. for example i write the little code below. p1: process(Q,valid) begin if(valid='1') then irq<= '0'; else...
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    Evaluation Hardware for Xilinx Virtex 2 or spartan

    Hello all, Here I am working on the design of some DSP algorithms, as an initiative i have designed a simple Ist order low pass filter IIR filter, the functional verification and simulation results are done well thoroughly using MATLAB and Testbench development. the actual code is also...
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    what approach for IIR filter?? System generator for DSP???

    system generator iir hi all, here i want to implement IIR filter using xilinx FPGA. can u suggest me what approach i should adopt, as now a days an advanced tool : system generator for DSP is available, so would be feasible to go for such tool as my work involves implementing such DSP...
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    Help me do some fractional arithmetic using VHDL

    2 complement and fractional arithmetics hi all, I want to do some fractional arithmetic using VHDL, I would thankful to you if any one could help me for the same. simply i want to make some MAC (multiply accumulate unit ), now because integers due to overflow cann't support this arithmetic so i...
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    Restart of TMS320C6711 DSK required RTDX with MATLAB

    dear friends, I have faced a problem repeatedly while trying to connect DSP with an application on MATLAB through RTDX. As MATLAB supports my application and generates data which is to be processed thru DSP so I am using this combination but whenever i try to run the appication next time its...
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    ERROR : disconnect and reset target TMS320C6711

    hi all, a repeated error message i get while i try to observe the frequency spectrum of a bandpass fiter which can be seen from the attachment. i generating a single frequency with the help of tone generating software and appyling to the input of the DSK TMS320C6711 and getting the output from...
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    DSP question about making support file for a board

    new to DSP hi all, i m a new user to DSP. i have started to learn with tms320c6711 dsp starter kit, and i m referring Rulph Chassiang for this purpose. i have some doubts regarding the support files, which are needed with every program we run on the DSK. I want to know how would i start for my...

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