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  1. mm6349

    Free VHDL simulator -- ModelSim PE Student edition

    free vhdl simulator visit ModelTech website: https://www.model.com/resources/student_edition/student_default.asp mm/
  2. mm6349

    Software for layout rescaling

    Do you know or suggest any software tool for layout rescaling? My previous design was using 1.2micron CMOS technology. Now we want to reduce it to use 0.8um process?
  3. mm6349

    [IC design] design rule issue

    Hi all, I have the question concerning the via or contact size in the layout design. Normally, the foundry will specify the exact size for both elements. What would happen if we design the via or contact larger than the specified "exact size" interm of the reliability of the fabricated chip; by...
  4. mm6349

    COB design information needed

    Hi friends, Could anyone give the information about the COB design technique? Thanks. mm.
  5. mm6349

    How to design chip (ic layout) for COB assembly?

    Hi friends, Could anyone point to the source of the information or resources on how to design chip (ic layout) for COB assembly. Is it different from a normal IC design practice? Thanks a lot. mm.
  6. mm6349

    Can anybody indentify this chip?

    Can anybody indentify this chip? What does it do? thanks. mm :cry: :?:

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