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    SCADA systems topic for all beginners, students,hobbyists, professionals and others

    most of you would probably agree with me if i say, this topic is one of the least talked about topic in this forum. so i created one to gather all our thoughts, our knowledge, and everything about SCADA. you guys might probably ask why do i have my interest in SCADA systems. well honestly even...
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    Comparision Scada x HMI

    HMI ( human man interface ) is normally a part of a SCADA ( supervisory control and data acquisition) system. HMI is a PC software or combination of software and hardware that makes a graphic tool/device/equipment. and both of this functions as an interface between the operator and the SYSTEM...
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    telemetry using dtmf help!

    i really have no idea how start everything seriously. my project is about a simple telemetry that will display information to a cell phone. and im planning to use 4 sensors for this design to monitor soil quality (ph level, soil moisture,..) i really need some help on how to design this...

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