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    need info about synthesizing modelsim files in xilinx

    i have written a code in modelsim and i have checked it in its simulation now i want to synthesize it in xilinx when i import the code from the modelsim directory and check for no errors occur but when starting implementation it shows no library is found i have used a created library named...
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    vhdl code to find frequency of clock

    pls guys help me to find frequency of a clock using vhdl code
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    what is sleep transistor

    i dont know what does sleep transistor mean and i cant get exact definition pls help me frnds
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    some information about synopsys design complier

    can we do transistor level simulation and also information about what are all the features which are useful for project designing of double tail comparator whether this tool is used to do power ,timing, die size analysis etc if anyone who are interested help me pls
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    which tool is good for simulating cmos technology as 90nm ,60nm etc

    some told me to work with synopsys design complier is it ok? how much it cost ? pls help friends
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    vhdl or verilog code for static ram 64x24

    guys those who code for static ram 64x24 pls send to me thanks in advance i need it immediately
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    vhdl or verilog code for spread spectrum clock generator

    i am new to vlsi but my manager ask me to provide him a code for sscg immediately please guys help me out in this please if anyone have the code please post it. thanks in advance

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