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    how to know the direction of the vehicle where it is turning

    Dear sir I am making a vehicle and when that vehicle turns left or right I wanna give input to the micro controller that vehicle is turning left or right, so can we place any sensor on wheels to sense where they are turning and give input to controller , or any other means if you know please let...
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    IR transmitter receiver

    I am doing a small project for that I need IR transmitter and receiver suitable for transmission in the range of one to two feet, please let me know about the sensor and its cost and from where I can get it?
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    wireless communication kit

    Hiiiiiiii I am doing a small project, for that I require a a small wireless communication kit which can communicate within the distance of one foot. my requirement is that transmitter and receiver should be placed one or atleast half a foot apart. so if you know any such kit please let me know.
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    Ideas for a vehicle speed sensor

    sir I am doing a small project for that I need a sensor which will be placed on the vehicle and it should measure the speed of the vehicle please let me know about if you have any idea.
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    fire detection sensors

    Hiiiiiii I need to know about fire detection sensors, their cost and from where i can get them. I am doing a small project so the sensor must be cost effective. please give me a reply if you have any idea
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    Ideas for final year project in Electronics

    please suggest me the idea for final year project in electronics

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