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    Verilog code error: unable to determine top module

    salam alikom hello i'm new in verilog and need test semple project using logsim this is the code ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //counter project module counter (clk, reset, enable, count); input clk, reset, enable; wire clk, reset, enable; output...
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    suse can not see the license in the server

    failed to acquire calibre interactive license my probem is that i installed Flexlm tool 10.8 in the server(windows server 2003) and the license file also in this server and in a client PC i installed windows xp and suse 9.1 the windows OS can see the license after put the two environment...
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    the variant manager in expedition

    what is the function of the variant manager and what is the steps to use it because i didnot find it the help thanks moustafa
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    the different between the DRC and CES

    the constraints editor system used to but some additional DRC in the design is this right definition or not? if not what the different between the DRC and the CES? please answer thanks moustafa
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    the PCB masks and layers

    pcb basic layers schematic i ask about the definitions of some important points appear to me when i try to make pad stack assignment in expedition any one know these definitions or know ref. has these definitions please reply 1- top mount 2-bottom mount 3-plane clearance 4-plane thermal 5-top...
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    gerber files(expedition)

    there are apoblem appeared to me when i try to make the gerber output setup when i press the process checked output files where are an rror message appeared this error not clear because it say need to check the production installation and this installation already checked please help moustafa
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    renumber reference designators (expedition)

    there are value added to renumber band width i see there are different in appearing more or less horizontal lines in the layout but what is the effective change will be putten when change the value of the renumber band width? thanks moustafa
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    positive and negative plane data(expedition)

    what is the difference between the positive and negative plane data and how can i change it ? how can i create hatch pattern for a negative plane? thanks moustafa
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    island violation(expedition)

    what is the meaning of island violation? in the hazards thanks mousatafa
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    test points in expedition

    why in the expedition test point there are must by make some of the test points manually? what is the main parameters that this test point test? thanks moustafa
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    How to solve the hazards(expedition)?

    the hazards in the review hazards must be solved or not ? ans how to solve the hazards? thanks moustafa
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    How do the nets in expedition differ?

    what is the different between the different nets in the tool tuned nets ordered nets filtered nets ? thanks mousatafa
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    the display controller in expedition,the layers

    i can by the display controller in the expedition control to see which layer but i have aproblem when i try to select layer 4,5 those not active how can i active them? thanks moustafa
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    MST topology in expedition

    i ask about the MST toplogy in the expediton ahat is it mean? thanks moustafa
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    the display controller in expedition

    what is the main parameters must be checked in the display controller? what about select the default values? thanks moustafa
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    what is the diff. bet. online and batch hazards (expedition)

    what is the difference between the online hazards and the batch DRC hazards? and what is the command for measuring between one object and another? thanks moustafa
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    How to check clearance for item not listed in DRC dialog box in Expedition?

    i ask running batch DRC is an optional step in the PCB layout process ? how do i check a clearance for items not listed in the main batch DRC dialog box ? thanks moustafa
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    hazards in expedition

    i find in the expedition design 3 hazards in the proximity analysis>review hazards how can i fix this hazards? and what is the problem if leave those hazards in the layout? this appear to me for example in the j1 which has the figure shown
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    select the top and bottom layers(expedition)

    i know how can i select the top and bottom but there another choice is top and bottom what is the function of this choice
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    select the top or the bottom when add the parts

    i ask how can i select that this part will be putten to the upper or the lower layer can i select it in expedition please advise with because i have documentation say just select the top layer i need to know from which place in the tool thanks moustafa

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